In Context

Todd Grimm's latest piece looks at how different phrases in the additive manufacturing industry should only be interpreted in the context within it was said. more »

27 May 2016 16:09 The Todd Grimm Column

Funding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme to develop a 3D scanning system to support provision of custom eyewear. more »

25 May 2016 15:18 Imaging

Joe Wilker, Mazak, world leader in CNC machine tools talks to TCT at RAPID 2016 about the company’s first HYBRID technology to feature AM capabilities. more »

25 May 2016 14:23

In our third interview with 3D Systems at RAPID 2016, Derek Johnson, Product Manager for the MultiJet Printing product line, speaks about the ProJet MJP 2500 3D printer, more »

25 May 2016 12:33 RAPID 2016

Ceramics 3D printing company, Admatec, is set to release its first printer, the ADMAFLEX 130, onto the market this September. more »

24 May 2016 15:03 News

New methodology from Type A Machines to improve internal geometry of 3D printed parts for consistent and predictable prints. more »

24 May 2016 11:57 RAPID 2016

Robert Chiari at Renishaw speaks to TCT at RAPID about the latest products in the global engineering company’s range of additive manufacturing technologies. more »

24 May 2016 10:33 RAPID 2016

At RAPID we caught up with Fried Vancraen, CEO of Belgian 3D printing leader, Materialise, to talk about the most complete software suite in the industry. more »

24 May 2016 09:53 RAPID 2016

TCT caught up with Aleph Objects at RAPID 2016 to find out about the latest evolution in the popular TAZ 3D printer line. more »

24 May 2016 09:16 RAPID 2016

Jim Fendrick from SLM Solutions talks at RAPID about real manufacturing with metal 3D printing and its largest machine, the SLM 500. more »

23 May 2016 17:17 RAPID 2016

Andrew Snow, Senior VP at EOS North America talks to TCT about the entry level M 100 Direct Metal Laser Sintering system and new in-process monitoring tech. more »

23 May 2016 16:17 RAPID 2016

John Murray, President and CEO at Concept Laser talks about the growth of the metal 3D printing industry and shifting towards automation with its Factory of Tomorrow platform. more »

23 May 2016 12:11 RAPID 2016

ROBO 3D introduce us to their new R2 line of desktop 3D printers and how they're giving users a reason to 3D print with Print Packs. more »

23 May 2016 11:21 RAPID 2016

In our second interview with 3D Systems at RAPID 2016, we talk with Chief Revenue Officer, Charlie Grace about 30 years of innovation and metal 3D printing with 3rd Dimension. more »

23 May 2016 10:34 RAPID 2016

PostProcess' founder Daniel Hutchinson and new CEO, Jeff Mize introduce the new DECI Duo automated processing machine at RAPID 2016. more »

23 May 2016 09:36 RAPID 2016

Dana Strickland from 3D Systems and Gannon O'Reilly from FARO, talk at RAPID about complete end-to-end 3D solutions and the new FARO scanning bundle. more »

22 May 2016 22:21 RAPID 2016

TCT speaks to Matt Garbarino from Cincinnati Inc. about Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) technology and replicating the Orion crew module. more »

20 May 2016 19:24 RAPID 2016

XJet founder and CEO, Hanan Gothait, and CBO, Dror Danai, spoke to TCT about how XJet was founded and its unique NanoParticle Jetting process. more »

20 May 2016 17:03 RAPID 2016

Founder and CEO of EnvisionTEC, Al Siblani, talks to TCT at RAPID about the company’s newly launched SLCOM 1 3D Printer. more »

19 May 2016 17:58 RAPID 2016

Cullen Hilkene, CEO of 3Diligent, talks to TCT about the company's network of industrial 3D printing service providers designed to solve the market's supply and demand challenges. more »

18 May 2016 22:45 RAPID 2016