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Blue Sparq, Inc. - Rapid Keypads

Our most popular type of capacitive touch keypad has the touch sensors on the top side of the PCB and the required touch electronics on the reverse side making this a very cost effective solution.

This particular keypad has PEM Studs pressed into the PCB allowing for easy mechanical installation. This keypad communicates with the customer’s main board using a simple serial RS-232 interface.

LED lighting

LED lighting

Our LED lighting gives us a very uniform, diffuse, bright light output while maintaining a thin profile. This keypad can satisfy the DO-160 requirements making it perfect for the aerospace industry.

Capacitive touch overlay

Capacitive touch overlay

This capacitive touch overlay was made of thin glass and we used RGB LEDs that could be used to convey the product’s mood. Imagine, if there was a problem it would pulsate RED.

Our uniform LED backlighting is made up of 3 layers: PCB, Lighting Layer, and Graphic Overlay. This is a numeric capacitive touch keypad for a security system.

In this keypad we were able to use our digitally printed conductive ink and our projected lighting method to give our customer a selectively lit capacitive touch interface in just one week!

This USB keypad and RF ID reader was designed for a kiosk. The overlay is made of glass and uses a special lighting technique called Dead Fronting which makes it black when the LEDs are off.

This capacitive touch graphic overlay is made of glass. We used our Selective Lighting technique to display the particular LOCK icon we required.

Capacitive Touch Interface with Uniform, Selective LED lighting with Translucent White Button Graphics

We designed a completely custom made IR remote control that runs on one coin cell. Using our 3D printer, we were able to make the enclosure as well.

An ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)Touch Keypad that communicates via USB. We used our USB HID mapping of Capacitive Touch buttons for this drink dispenser keypad.

Complete mobile payment solution with Blue Tooth, NFC, Magnetic Strip Reader, Chip and Pin, and Capacitive Touch Keypad

This customer contacted us because they liked our keypad designs. Once they heard all about our product development capabilities, they gave us the complete project.

This M2M Vending machine telemetry device is connected to the MDB or the DEX connector to retrieve vending data. It can connect to the internet via WIFI, CDMA or GSM to transmit vend data.

LED lighting
Capacitive touch overlay
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