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Mike Moceri

MakerOS has made available the 1.0 release of its cloud business management tool for 3D printing, design and light fabrication services. During the year-long Public Beta testing run, more than 1,500 services from around the world signed up. more

7 Mar 2017 17:15 News

3D Platform upgrades its extruder capabilities and talks scalable large-format Delta and Excel 3D printing solutions. more

10 Oct 2016 14:47 TCT Show

3D Platform goes big at IMTS with Excel-Multi Gantry and XL-Delta large-format 3D printing concepts. more

13 Sep 2016 11:10 News

Laura Griffiths takes a look at how engineers are solving traditional manufacturing problems with custom 3D printed jigs and fixtures. more

4 Jul 2016 12:23 News

Leading large-format 3D printer manufacturer, 3D Platform, launches 3DP Workbench with improved print times, flexibility and accessibility. more

1 Mar 2016 16:10 News

John Good from 3D Platform, on how the large scale 3D printing platform is taking advantage of open market capabilities for materials, software and hardware. more

5 Oct 2015 11:59 formnext powered by tct

3DP Unlimited takes advantage of open market philosophy with evolution into 3D Platform. more

23 Sep 2015 11:04 News

Proto Labs White Paper