3D Measurement System

Nikon Metrology introduces new non-contact 3D measuring system for inspection of gears, turbine blades and other complex parts. more »

14 Jun 2016 16:24 Imaging

GOM host a 3D Testing day in Coventry to demonstrate the latest and greatest in optical measuring systems including the new ARAMIS 3D Camera. more »

17 Mar 2016 11:16 Imaging

New cutting edge instrument for automatic cutting edge measurement, EdgeMasterX allows users to customise quality assurance in production. more »

13 Aug 2015 16:20 News

World's first truly portable DCC CMM, the zCAT from Fowler High Precision, to start shipping next month. more »

13 Aug 2015 15:53 News

Creaform introduces VXinspect to allow simple integration of contact and non-contact 3D measurement in manufacturing applications. more »

28 Apr 2015 11:22 Software


Faro Technologies

3D measurement expert Faro Technologies takes metrology live this March for engineering and manufacturing event. more »

26 Jan 2015 17:04 Imaging

Metrology experts Alicona talk about the importance of designing complex parts for additive manufacturing and measurement. more »

26 Jan 2015 16:51 Imaging

Creaform3D MetraSCAN3D produces full 3D scan of competing aircraft. more »

19 Nov 2014 16:11 Imaging

Two new devices and software update headed for EuroMold 2014 in Frankfurt. more »

17 Nov 2014 09:54 Euromold News

FARO Releases FARO Edge ScanArm HD with fast scanning speed and high-definition data clarity. more »

9 Sep 2014 15:10 News

"Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so" — Galileo Galilei. Measurement in AM is a crucial link in the chain, and Alicona believes it has solutions to help. more »

11 Aug 2014 10:10 Imaging

LMI Technologies has signed an agreement to buy 100 per cent of GFMesstechnik's shares in a takeover that serves to galvanise LMI's international presence. more »

23 Jun 2014 17:08 Imaging

Combined with the new HandySCAN 3D scanner, Pipecheck 2.2 offers never-before-seen speed and accuracy when evaluating pipeline degradation and remaining service life - a major shift from traditional assessment methods. more »

28 May 2014 15:00 Software

Creaform has scooped two awards for its HandyPROBE portable optical CMM, with the 3D measuring device being honoured at both MACH in the UK and Indusrtie Paris in France. more »

28 Apr 2014 14:29 Imaging

Creaform is bringing 3D measurement technologies to educators by offering accessible resources to teaching institutions. more »

31 Mar 2014 16:18 Imaging


TCT + Personalize - Daniel O'Connor

Just one month after acquiring Figulo, 3D Systems has launched its first sub-$10k ceramic 3D printer, the CeraJet. more »

9 Jan 2014 01:25 TCT Events

Sigma Labs has signed a joint technology development agreement with Metronic Systems stating they will collaborate on 3D measuring products. more »

16 Dec 2013 16:51 Imaging

The newest version for CoreView further enhances the application of Hexagon Metrology’s White Light Measurement Solutions. more »

12 Dec 2013 14:34 Imaging

Hexagon Metrology has announced the new entry-level white light solution WLS qFLASH. more »

12 Dec 2013 14:23 Imaging

Breuckmann 3D scanning systems' product spectrum has expanded to include the stereoSCAN-R16. more »

2 Dec 2013 09:59 Euromold News