3D modelling

Delcam to exhibit latest releases in range of manufacturing software at Advanced Engineering exhibition. more »

29 Oct 2015 14:45 Software



Materialise has launched a new 3D modelling service which helps designers turn their sketches into 3D printable files and allows 3D designers to earn money for their work. more »

18 Jun 2015 14:17 PERSONALIZE

TCT gets a first hand look at the latest version of solidThinking's Evolve modelling software with program manager Darren Chilton. more »

17 Apr 2015 13:02 Software

Student Tomasz Dabert combines classical and modern elements to create 3D printed armour for an opera at the Royal Theatre of Madrid. more »

31 Mar 2015 14:35 PERSONALIZE

TCT heads to Coventry for DEVELOP3D Live 2015. Laura Griffiths reports live from the conference at the Warwick Arts Centre. more »

26 Mar 2015 06:11 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Game developer Nils Anderson caught the attention of the National Art Museum of Art in Norway with a combined interest in recreating historical artefacts and 3D printing. more »

13 Feb 2015 14:47 News

Model-making company commissioned to produce replicas of two Royal Navy remote controlled boats used to detect and detonate underwater mines. more »

4 Feb 2015 14:02 News

Model-making firm highlights 60 years in the business with a portfolio that includes Hollywood blockbusters, iconic models and ... the Popemobile. more »

3 Feb 2015 11:54 News

3D Systems to feature in exhibits and lectures demonstrating benefits of 3D modelling and 3D printing in the healthcare sector. more »

16 Jan 2015 12:27 News

Upgrades simplify the process for engineers with improved ability to manipulate product geometries. more »

21 Nov 2014 14:06 Software

Dassault Systèmes introduces SOLIDWORKS 2015 with focus on cloud based features and user experience. more »

15 Oct 2014 11:53 Software

Voxelizer open source software gets major updates to accelerate low cost medical 3D printing. more »

14 Oct 2014 15:38 Software

Photoshop CC gets major improvements in 3D modelling and printing including enhanced file support and print options. more »

14 Oct 2014 12:20 Software

LMI Technologies announces release of its smallest 3D scanner in the HDI 100 series. more »

22 Sep 2014 09:41 News

Microsoft releases the R5 version of its 3D Builder app with new features and printing options from 3D Systems. more »

17 Sep 2014 09:44 Software

PTC announces Creo 3.0 will be on the market soon with new innovations that will transform the use of CAD models from third-party systems. more »

8 Aug 2014 15:50 News

The North-West's premier 3D printing competition has drawn to a close and the winner, who wins a fifth-gen MakerBot Replicator, has been revealed. more »

23 Jul 2014 11:45 PERSONALIZE

Ogle Models & Prototypes is celebrating its 60-year anniversary - and the company has come a long way since its post-World War Two roots in 1950s Britain. more »

9 May 2014 09:31 News

The latest big 3D industry acquisition has been announced, this time in the software arena, as ANSYS buys SpaceClaim. more »

1 May 2014 14:47 Software

Dan goes back to printing with extrusion-based plastic and tries to print with two colours in this weeks Thingi Thursday. more »

18 Apr 2014 10:51 PERSONALIZE