3D Scanner

Faro Technologies launches new handheld scanner for the manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and law enforcement industries. more »

16 Sep 2015 17:06 Imaging

Fuel3D Labs debuts combined 3D imaging system with 3DplusMe SaaS platform for personalised 3D scanning. more »

18 Aug 2015 14:50 Imaging

Affordable consumer 3D printing solutions developer XYZprinting launches its first handheld 3D scanner complete with Intel RealSense 3D camera for just $299. more »

4 Jun 2015 10:19 Imaging

Nikon Metrology unveils its latest laser scanning device, the Nikon InSight L100 with its most advanced combination of speed, accuracy and accessibility to date. more »

7 May 2015 17:05 Imaging

itSeez3D CEO Victor Erukhimov tells TCT why he hopes this 3D scanning app will make a positive impact in the growing 3D market by putting portable scanning right in the hands of the consumer. more »

30 Apr 2015 15:20 Software

Artec's latest 3D scanner Space Spider and Artec Studio 10 software to ensure high resolution scanning for the professional market. more »

29 Apr 2015 16:34 News

One of China's leading consumer 3D printing companies talks to TCT about new developments, China's growing 3D printing market and bold ambitions. more »

19 Mar 2015 10:15 News

Laser scan marks trio of engineering success through collaboration with the Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualisation for conservational and educational models. more »

27 Jan 2015 14:05 Imaging

Leading 3D imaging brand launches handheld, freestyle 3D scanner to meet increasing demand for portable scanning technology. more »

21 Jan 2015 17:14 Imaging

Kickstarter success story Fuel3D adds publishing option to 3D scanning software. more »

11 Dec 2014 14:21 Imaging

Imaging technologies such as 3D scanning and object recognition have been named crucial to the development of the automotive industry. more »

7 Jul 2014 11:14 Imaging

Matter and Form's 3D scanners are due to start landing in customers' hands very shortly. more »

2 Jul 2014 15:36 Imaging

Church of St Maria Maddalena, Rome

By Lalupa, via Wikimedia Commons

FARO 3D scanning technology has been used to record the exact dimensions of historic architecture and decorative edifices in Rome as part of a Masters degree programme. more »

16 Jun 2014 09:57 Imaging

Creaform has launched the latest incarnations of its successful Go!SCAN 3D scanning technology. more »

12 May 2014 09:45 Imaging

VXmodel provides the simplest and fastest path from 3D scans to CAD and additive manufacturing workflows. more »

6 May 2014 10:00 Software

Trimble Scan Explorer


Trimble Scan Explorer, a new 3D scanning extension for SketchUp, has been unveiled by Trimble, allowing professionals to turn 3D scans into 3D models. more »

14 Apr 2014 17:01 Imaging

Breuckmann's new stereoSCAN 3D scanner offers precise, reliable imaging using robotic arm and white light scanning technology. more »

3 Apr 2014 16:39 Imaging

Mantis Vision's F5 3D scanner

Custom 3D scanning solutions are the aim of a new business venture between Flextronics and Mantis Vision. more »

25 Mar 2014 11:22 Imaging


Credit: CSIRO

Police in Queensland, Australia, are using 3D scanning technology to map out crime scenes in 3D using a Zebedee 3D scanner developed by CSIRO. more »

14 Feb 2014 15:36 Imaging

British additive manufacturing pioneer Renishaw is set to put its new high-speed machine tool scanning systems on show. more »

21 Jan 2014 16:54 Imaging