3D Scannning

EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner turns 3D scans to 3D printable models in under three minutes - now available to pre-order. more »

5 Mar 2015 12:11 Imaging

Tri-Tech 3D partners with Central Scanning and Steinbichler UK to take 3D printing and scanning technology to the road in the UK. more »

24 Feb 2015 15:35 News

Shining 3D launches EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner on Kickstarter in a bid to bring affordable, industrial standard 3D scanning to the consumer market. more »

30 Jan 2015 09:41 Imaging

Leading 3D imaging brand launches handheld, freestyle 3D scanner to meet increasing demand for portable scanning technology. more »

21 Jan 2015 17:14 Imaging

Forget the selfie stick - get a 3D scan selfie with Fuel3D's high-resolution scanner. more »

10 Jan 2015 00:04 TCT Events

3D scanner in use

Nikon / Spring srl

7-axis CNC articulated measuring arm and a digital laser scanning head from Nikon Metrology helps Italian rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing bureau reverse engineer components. more »

17 Dec 2014 16:10 Imaging

Kickstarter success story Fuel3D adds publishing option to 3D scanning software. more »

11 Dec 2014 14:21 Imaging

With 20 days to go, the Flux All-in-One surpasses Kickstarter goal to offer 3D printing, scanning and engraving in one machine. more »

1 Dec 2014 14:51 PERSONALIZE

Full 3D body scan service now available throughout the UK. more »

11 Nov 2014 11:52 News

Artec and Threeding propose first large scale project for the 3D scanning of cultural heritage for commercial purposes. more »

28 Oct 2014 16:05 News

LMI Technologies announces release of its smallest 3D scanner in the HDI 100 series. more »

22 Sep 2014 09:41 News

Combined with the new HandySCAN 3D scanner, Pipecheck 2.2 offers never-before-seen speed and accuracy when evaluating pipeline degradation and remaining service life - a major shift from traditional assessment methods. more »

28 May 2014 15:00 Software

Trimble Scan Explorer


Trimble Scan Explorer, a new 3D scanning extension for SketchUp, has been unveiled by Trimble, allowing professionals to turn 3D scans into 3D models. more »

14 Apr 2014 17:01 Imaging

Hexagon Metrology has unveiled the new Optiv Performance 443 measuring system - the only machine of its class with Dual Z-Design option. more »

20 Dec 2013 11:02 Imaging

At TCT Show + Personalize Tim Rapley, MD at Physical Digital, talked about the difficulties companies of all types face when trying to recreate components that were designed and made several years ago. more »

14 Nov 2013 08:56 Imaging

3D Systems has launched what it is calling the first optimised-for-3D consumer 3D scanner, the Sense. more »

8 Nov 2013 14:58 Imaging 1 Comments

Artec's Eva 3D scanner has featured on hit TV sit-com The Big Bang Theory, as Howard and Raj try to 3D print miniatures of themselves. more »

24 Oct 2013 09:59 Imaging

Zwick Roell testXpo

Zwick Roell

What does materials testing company Zwick Roell have that's of interest to TCT Readers? Rose Brooke travelled to the testXpo summit in Ulm, Germany, to find out. more »

21 Oct 2013 16:36 Imaging

Trimble has introduced the TX8 3D scanner to its growing technological portfolio. more »

18 Oct 2013 15:59 Imaging

The TCT show floor is a 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry melting pot. Here's a review of what stood out at the event. more »

2 Oct 2013 16:21