The environmentally conscious 3D printing filament manufacturer has launched DURA Filament which the team says is a more eco-friendly replacement for ABS. more

21 Mar 2016 17:08 News

New support material designed with ease of removal in mind as well as an extended range of colours for their popular PolyMAX PLA material from Chinese 3D printing filament supllier. more

30 Jul 2015 15:54 News

At TCT we endeavour to bring you great content in whatever shape or form it takes. Onshape's Michael LaFleche has written a great piece on what it takes to successfully 3D print. more

22 Jun 2015 10:19 Guest Blogs

What happened when Jabil tried 3D Printing a handset cover at its antenna on the same machine?

Girish Wable, a technology expert from the world's third largest contract manufacturer, Jabil has written a blog exclusively for TCT on the company's attempts to additively manufacture a smartphone and its antennae. more

18 Jun 2015 17:10 Guest Column

The Bavarian-based 3D printer manufacturer is set to launch its latest machine at the 3D printing and additive manufacturing event in Long Beach next month. more

30 Apr 2015 11:58 News

Ed Tyson talks combining good old fashioned quality and personable service with cutting edge technology to create a 3D printing filament range with a difference. more

12 Mar 2015 00:00 News

Airwolf 3D introduces new solution designed to prevent warping when printing in ABS. more

24 Oct 2014 10:04 News

Verbatim expands its 3D printing materials range with new flexible filament PRIMALLOY. more

10 Sep 2014 10:34 News

Stratasys announces new thermoplastic, UV resistant material ASA which features the best aesthetics yet. more

9 Sep 2014 12:25 News

The internationally recognised brand known for their data storage products are to sell both PLA and ABS developed by their parent company Mitsubishi Chemicals. more

11 Aug 2014 15:50 News

The app, which is available on iOS devices allows users to easily create models and export them to your 3D printer. Dan attempted to do just that! more

29 May 2014 17:17 PERSONALIZE

Sculptify are claiming that their printer is capable of printing with plastics in their pellet form, possibly signalling a revolution in 3D printing material. more

19 May 2014 12:05 PERSONALIZE



Those boffins at NASA have turned images of a martian meteorite from the Opportunity Rover into a full-sized 3D printed replica. more

30 Apr 2014 16:54 PERSONALIZE

Dan goes back to printing with extrusion-based plastic and tries to print with two colours in this weeks Thingi Thursday. more

18 Apr 2014 10:51 PERSONALIZE

We're going to scan and print using several different techniques with the 3D Systems Sense Scanner. more

23 Jan 2014 20:25 PERSONALIZE

This machine was demonstrated at Maker Faire Rome and has impressed many of the industries experts already. more

8 Oct 2013 16:32 PERSONALIZE

The news that giant high-street electronics retailer Maplin was to start selling a £699 3D printer has certainly caused a stir. Personalize went along to see the machine in action and talk to some of the guys who decided to take the plunge. more

10 Jul 2013 09:51 PERSONALIZE



Using the additive manufacturing process this Chicago-based surfboard company are hoping to make the sport greener. more

24 Jun 2013 15:47 PERSONALIZE

Car Key

Ryan Weaving, Google Plus

Ryan Weaving, a member of Google Plus' 3D Printing Community took a snub from a locksmith as a challenge and 3D printed his own Mini Cooper key. more

26 Apr 2013 10:00 PERSONALIZE 1 Comments

PhD student Tim Elmore has created an filament extruder to turn inexpensive ABS pellets into filament for your 3D printer. more

28 Mar 2013 16:24 PERSONALIZE

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