Additive Manufacturing Users Group

The 29th annual AMUG conference is set to take place in Chicago on 19-23 March in 2017. more »

6 Sep 2016 16:55 News

Annual AMUG Awards Banquet honours eight industry veterans with prestigious DINO award for contributions to the additive manufacturing industry. more »

12 May 2015 15:44 News

Optomec set to present at annual AMUG conference in Jacksonville on Aerosol Jet and LENS 3D printing technology. more »

16 Apr 2015 11:19 News

AMUG expanded conference agenda retains focus on hands-on and how-to experiences. more »

10 Sep 2014 09:51 News

With more than a decade of experience in rapid prototyping, Dinsmore and Associates offers a wide array of 3D printing services for a variety of applications — including its exclusive fine-resolution stereolithography (FRSLA) technique. more »

24 Mar 2014 12:25

When it comes to RP or AM the hype today seems to be directed solely to manufacturing in metals. Before you make the decision on the best method to obtain your prototype part, give strong consideration to investment casting. more »

24 Mar 2014 12:20

AIN Plastics operates over twelve warehouse locations and 13 sales offices in the US, and combines their 40+ years of plastics experience with value added processing services, customised inventory solutions, and experienced customer support. more »

24 Mar 2014 12:14

Spanning five days in April, many ask why the AMUG conference is so long. Those that have attended know the answer: learning, sharing and networking are non-stop. more »

19 Mar 2014 15:07 News

The AMUG Conference is a unique event spanning five-days in April. There, attendees are surrounded by like-minded people with insight and experience to share. This year's event takes place in Tucson, Arizona. more »

12 Mar 2014 14:03 News

Registration is now available for 2014 AMUG Education & Training Conference, which will be held in Tucson, Arizona, from April 6 – 10, 2014. more »

13 Sep 2013 09:05 Events

The AMUG promises to make your trip to Florida worth it this April with five days of education, networking and entertainment — take a look at what you get for your $595... more »

12 Mar 2013 09:15

After much discussion, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Board decided to make a change to its highest honour: Introducing the DINO! more »

8 Mar 2013 14:55

We hear it all the time: “How do I justify an additive manufacturing (AM) system purchase?” The answer lies in developing a compelling return on investment (ROI). But that is a simple concept that can be very hard to do. Until now... more »

8 Mar 2013 14:52

RapidTech, DSM Somos, Integra and Materialise will offer hands-on training at the AMUG in Florida next month. more »

8 Mar 2013 14:36

How is the AMUG Conference different from TCT Show + Personalize? Let's find out... more »

8 Mar 2013 14:26

Once again, TCT + personalize is sponsoring the annual Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference. For that, we can’t thank them enough. TCT is a Gold Level Sponsor for the event, which runs April 14 – 18, 2013, in Jacksonville, Florida USA more »

8 Mar 2013 14:17

AMUG and TCT Show + Personalize share more than an interest in Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing — they share attendees, so says AMUG President Gary Rabinovitz... more »

8 Mar 2013 14:12

Randy Iliff, Vice President of InSight Services at Bjorksten | bit 7, will lead conference attendees through the “ironic art” of negotiating with stakeholders for permission to help them to align and balance cultures, objectives and expectations. more »

8 Mar 2013 14:03

Manufacturing, prototyping, model making, 3D printing, additive manufacturing... It's all covered by the AMUG coming up in April. more »

8 Feb 2013 13:34 News

Twenty-fifth year of the AMUG (and its precursors) to stress education and training. more »

25 Oct 2012 11:17 News