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24 Feb 2016 15:10 News

The app, which is available on iOS devices allows users to easily create models and export them to your 3D printer. Dan attempted to do just that! more »

29 May 2014 17:17 PERSONALIZE

After their successful app and printing demo at CES 2014, 3D Systems have partnered with Samsung again to help out with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. more »

25 Feb 2014 15:19 PERSONALIZE

MakerBot launch the Thingiverse app on Android and Bananna3D launch their RepRap Phone Host for Windows smartphones. more »

24 Jan 2014 11:58 PERSONALIZE

Blokify is a new 3D Printing iOS app that enables children to design their own 3D models and then print them out. more »

2 Jan 2014 17:23 PERSONALIZE

Kinematics System

Nervous System

Nervous System have created a new system, which could revolutionise the way we look at bigger 3D printable objects. By creating a series of interlocking patters they're able to get big builds into a smaller build envelope. more »

26 Nov 2013 20:14 PERSONALIZE

The computing giant have launch an app to teach you the basics of 3D printing for their native printing on Windows 8.1 more »

20 Nov 2013 15:38 PERSONALIZE

South African friends Pieter and Gerhard decided that 3D printing needed to be smarter so they wrote an app for their Window's Phone to print directly. more »

7 Nov 2013 12:03 PERSONALIZE

The world's largest 3D printing community now has its own sleek looking app. Could this just be the start of a beautiful smartphone to 3D print relationship? more »

18 Oct 2013 16:27 PERSONALIZE


Infinite Dreams

Infinite Dreams Inc's number one app Let's Create! Pottery teams up with Sculpteo to bring your virtual ceramics to life using 3D printing. more »

4 Mar 2013 11:22 PERSONALIZE



Although we've seen many variations on the Kinnect theme we've seen few apps that cap capture a high quality point cloud. Is Moedls, shortlisted for Engadget's Insert Coin Awards, the solution? more »

25 Feb 2013 10:55 PERSONALIZE

Moedls demonstarte their 3D scanning app and kit that creates complex models on your smartphone more »

25 Feb 2013 10:50 Videos

Autodesk 123D Creature


Autodesk have released their latest 123D app which lets you create your own wicked beast right on your iPad and then print it out more »

14 Feb 2013 11:15 PERSONALIZE

When I saw this on TechCrunch I had to give it a go... An augmented reality app that lets you visualise your 3D printed object before you even warm your extruders. Nice. more »

5 Sep 2012 14:02 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Sculpteo has launched the first 3D Printing App, making use of its Cloud Engine. more »

27 Feb 2012 18:44 PERSONALIZE