Artec and team up once again to bring 3D models of 40 animal anatomies to 3D printing marketplace to aid veterinary students. more »

10 Jun 2016 16:02 Imaging

Autopilot feature in latest Artec Studio software simplifies 3D data capture and post-processing to deliver expert results even for beginners. more »

2 Jun 2016 10:17 Software

Editor Dan O'Connor visited Central Scanning's offices to see some examples of expert reverse engineering and 3D scanning in action. more »

Imaging uses Artec's 3D scanning technology to capture unique collection of Ancient Greek artefacts for digital library. more »

15 Jan 2016 09:56 Imaging

Artec brings range of hi-res handheld 3D scanners and Shapify full body scanner to CES 2016. more »

8 Dec 2015 11:52 TCT Events

Artec's latest 3D scanner Space Spider and Artec Studio 10 software to ensure high resolution scanning for the professional market. more »

29 Apr 2015 16:34 News

Military history goes online with the help of 3D scanning to mark the anniversary of World War One. more »

18 Feb 2015 15:18 Imaging

Leading 3D scanning brand helps preserve ancient treasure for museum. more »

22 Dec 2014 15:28 Imaging

Full 3D body scan service now available throughout the UK. more »

11 Nov 2014 11:52 News

Artec and Threeding propose first large scale project for the 3D scanning of cultural heritage for commercial purposes. more »

28 Oct 2014 16:05 News

Artec talks consumer 3D scanning and the industries that are benefiting from its technology. more »

10 Oct 2014 16:03 News


3D printing and 3D scanning technology could make many people a fun, simple money-spinner, according to Artec Group, makers of Shapify.Pro. more »

4 Mar 2014 11:53 Imaging 1 Comments

Refugees are a forgotten about community in South Korea, Cheil and the Seoul Museum of Art are attempting to change that with an excellent exhibition. more »

21 Feb 2014 16:07 PERSONALIZE

3D printing featured on the hit show last year and was applauded in the industry for its depiction of the technology. But all was not what it seems, as Artec have revealed. more »

24 Oct 2013 12:37 PERSONALIZE

Artec's Eva 3D scanner has featured on hit TV sit-com The Big Bang Theory, as Howard and Raj try to 3D print miniatures of themselves. more »

24 Oct 2013 09:59 Imaging

Hyundai has used Artec's 3D scanning technology to produce and modify car seats for its range of passenger vehicles. more »

3 Oct 2013 09:46 Imaging

Artec Eva


A cutting-edge 3D scanning system promises industries efficient, value-for-money imaging that is more accurate and more instant. more »

26 Sep 2013 09:02 Imaging

The beverage giant and sports juggernaut are using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology to showcase a range of their products. more »

21 Aug 2013 16:26 PERSONALIZE

Artec EVA LITE is the new, basic monochrome version of the Artec EVA with proven accuracy of alignment through geometry driven scanning — available from Central Scanning. more »

18 Oct 2012 16:54 Imaging