at-home 3D printing

3D printing is sometimes feared as the bogeyman of manufacturing, here to take the jobs of those hard at work on assembly lines across the factories of the world’s biggest companies. more »

18 Nov 2014 15:54 News

As more businesses invest in their own 3D printing machines, we ask some of the biggest service bureaus - is it time for a plan? more »

14 Nov 2014 15:10 News

Successful Kickstarter campaign sees 3D printer hit major retail outlets. more »

13 Nov 2014 13:49 News

Home 3D printing is already with us but we ask what it might take to get more people on board with the technology. more »

19 Sep 2014 14:31 Laura Griffiths' Blog 1 Comments

Apparently Daft Punk helmets are one of the most popular requests for 3D printers. A tutorial shows you how to make your own. more »

4 Sep 2014 16:45 PERSONALIZE

Artist calls on 3D print makers to contribute elements to a collaborative 3D printed dress. more »

29 Aug 2014 15:16 PERSONALIZE

New MakerBot Ready App Fraemes makes printing own customised mobile phone covers easy for all. more »

21 Aug 2014 11:42 PERSONALIZE

A Minnesota man has successfully 3D printed his own castle, but that's just the start. more »

31 Jul 2014 15:12 News

A study by researchers at MTU suggests that we'd be foolish not to own a 3D Printer. more »

1 Aug 2013 11:28 PERSONALIZE

Plastic Fantastic offers a clear and opaque flexible filament for your 3D printer — still in the development phase the materials provide an excellent excuse for some messing around with your gear! more »

31 Jan 2013 10:20 PERSONALIZE

Since 3D Systems launched the Cube 3D printer and its Cubify content platform, we wanted to know what it was like, why they had done it and if it was going to work... 3D Systems lent us a Cube for a few weeks so we could find out for ourselves. more »

4 Dec 2012 17:06 PERSONALIZE