Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths speaks to the team behind the new batch of Robots in the revamped Robot Wars series. more »

19 Sep 2016 14:54 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Company brings together software from Autodesk, Delcam, Netfabb and more in complete subtractive and additive manufacturing solution. more »

13 Sep 2016 15:25 Software

Join Autodesk for this webinar to discover the latest advancements in additive manufacturing tools for optimisation, simulation, and fabrication as well as how generative design can unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing as an industrial tech. more »

18 Aug 2016 15:22 Webinars

Autodesk makes its full 3D design software portfolio available to over 1000 Fab Labs in latest world-wide initiative. more »

12 Aug 2016 14:28 Software

Series B funding from Foundry Group and Autodesk to boost Formlabs' worldwide operations and R&D efforts. more »

4 Aug 2016 14:12 News

New CAM product range features improved Delcam FeatureCAM, PowerMill and PartMaker software. more »

2 Aug 2016 10:47 Software

Daniel O'Connor met with Autodesk's Chief Technology Officer, Jeff Kowalski to talk generative design and bionic aerospace structures. more »

26 Jul 2016 17:01 News

Editor, Daniel O’Connor looks at how one woman’s quest for sporting gold at Rio 2016 could open up a world of customised prosthesis for victims of war. more »

11 Jul 2016 15:40 News

Delcam announces range of new features in latest version of FeatureCAM 2016 R3 software designed for automating CNC programming. more »

27 Jun 2016 16:54 Software

Autodesk announces various updates to Forge platform, including new cloud application expansion tools and services. more »

17 Jun 2016 15:07 Software

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths, speaks to Jesse Harrington Au at Autodesk about how generative design is opening up new design possibilities powered by intelligent algorithms and organic forms. more »

23 Mar 2016 11:11 Software

Industry newcomer, XJet secures huge investment to launch its metal jetting process onto the market. more »

3 Mar 2016 14:08 News

At Autodesk University 2015, Laura interviewed Randy Swearer, Vice President of Education at Autodesk, about the importance of making and innovation in education. more »

25 Feb 2016 13:38 Software

New sub-$300 Mattel 3D printer and design App, in collaboration with Autodesk, gives kids the tools to create their own unique dolls, robots, dinosaurs and accessories at home. more »

15 Feb 2016 09:50 PERSONALIZE

Forget the Stormtroopers and Makr Shakrs - here's why 3D printing was the real star of Autodesk University in 2015. more »

7 Dec 2015 12:38 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Optomec LENS component repair

Via YouTube

GE Ventures and Autodesk expand historical collaborations with Optomec for the advancement of Optomec's proprietary technologies for printing electronics and metals. more »

2 Dec 2015 17:00 News

Bionic Partition for Airbus A320 created with generative design and 3D printing unveiled for first time at Autodesk University. more »

2 Dec 2015 00:20 News

Shane Fox of Autodesk talks to TCT about the company's new software solution for the medical industry and biomedical implants. more »

20 Nov 2015 14:56 formnext

Autodesk launches new group, Autodesk Footwear to support designers and manufacturers of footwear. more »

6 Oct 2015 16:53 News

Autodesk's Duann Scott talks to TCT about how the company's Spark platform is closing the gap between the future of making and the current reality of 3D printing. more »

1 Oct 2015 16:14 formnext