Build Processor

Collaboration between Materialise and Luxexcel to develop custom Build Processor for the 3D printed optics company's unique additive manufacturing process. more »

15 Jun 2016 11:22 Software

Latest 3D printing software partnership from Materialise to boost the consumer experience for Velleman K8400 Vertex 3D printer. more »

9 Feb 2016 11:41 Software

The Belgian additive manufacturing leader has expanded its portfolio of custom 3D printing build processors with Singapore-based 3D printer manufacturer, Structo. more »

21 Jan 2016 10:02 Software

Materialise to support growing 3D printing market in Korea with partnerships with Goo3D, Former's Farm and Lincsolution. more »

17 Nov 2015 08:23 Software

Additive Industries Build Processor will simplify the 3D printing process for users of the new MetalFAB1 machine set to launch at formnext. more »

2 Nov 2015 15:34 Software

3D printing solutions that connect people, machines, processes and materials - Materialise talks streamlining with Streamics and build processors. more »

8 May 2015 09:18 News

Materialise introduces latest industrial 3D printing build processor for Renishaw AM250 additive manufacturing system. more »

5 Mar 2015 10:39 Software

FELIX Builder software from materialise set to streamline the 3D printing process. more »

14 Jan 2015 14:21 Software

Here at CES 2015 perhaps one of the biggest surprises so far is that Materialise, known for their industrial build-processors, have entered the desktop 3D printing market with Leapfrog Builder. more »

8 Jan 2015 17:58 TCT Events

New software joins Materialise's commitment to work with more partners to bring software and machines together. more »

20 Nov 2014 14:18 News

Company partners with 3D printer manufacturers to create build processors for more control over prints. more »

14 Nov 2014 14:06 Software

Introduction of Build Processor, allows Materialise’s Magics and Streamics software to connect to all EOS systems in a machine-specific way, allowing tighter integration. more »

19 Nov 2012 12:01 News