CAD Solution

Nanosoft, announces the release of the latest version of its CAD software, nanoCAD Plus 6.0. more »

12 Aug 2014 10:32 Software

Delcam will be demonstrating its PowerSHAPE Pro for re-engineering at this month's Develop3D Live in Warwick. more »

9 Apr 2014 12:00 Software

IronCAD offers affordable KeyShot working direct with its product to customers. more »

11 Feb 2014 13:34 Software


Cimatron Group

Cimatron E, due for release this year, will support the AMF format, allowing users to see the colour and texture of their designs before 3D printing. more »

28 Jan 2014 11:10 Software

Tech Soft HOOPS Communicator in a 3D printing application

Tech Soft 3D

Developers can now experience newly-released 3D software toolkits from Tech Soft 3D that are optimised for faster application development on every platform. more »

2 Dec 2013 09:09 Euromold News

SCHOTT SYSTEME has plenty to celebrate at EuroMold 2013, marking both DEMAT's 20th anniversary and its own 30th birthday. more »

26 Nov 2013 11:57 Euromold News

Faster, easier, better 3D printing software developments from netfabb are wowing the crowds at EuroMold. more »

25 Nov 2013 12:00 Euromold News

CAD software giant Autodesk has announced its intention to acquire manufacturing program and technology developer Delcam in an estimated £172.5 million deal. more »

7 Nov 2013 10:07 Software

Cutting edge work has reduced the decision-making time companies face when selecting a tool for Edgecam's Waveform roughing strategies. more »

29 Oct 2013 14:56 Software

The latest release of PTC Windchill reduces effort needed to comply with new FDA and SEC regulations and enhances integration with PTC Integrity. more »

4 Oct 2013 11:16 Software

Proto Labs is set to showcase its ProtoQuote and FirstQuote systems at TCT Show + Personalize this September. more »

12 Aug 2013 09:25 Software

PTC Creo in action


PTC has collaborated with IBM, Citrix and NVIDIA to deliver new IP protection, performance and deployment advantages for PTC Creo design teams. more »

13 Jun 2013 13:36 Software

COMSOL Multiphysics has launched its newest version, including a range of breakthrough analysis tools offering something new to the industry. more »

5 Jun 2013 09:46 Software

ZWCAD Design, has officially announced that LISP applications on ZWCAD+ now runs 8 times faster on average when compared with ZWCAD 2012, dramatically increasing user's drafting efficiency. more »

14 Jun 2012 10:05 News