CAD system

Delcam posts demonstrations of its CAD and CAM software on YouTube, bringing its video library to 1,200. more »

23 Jun 2014 16:23 Software

CAD/CAM software industry leader Delcam will be demonstrating the latest incarnation of PowerSHAPE at MACH 2014. more »

26 Mar 2014 11:30 Software

The latest TYPE EDIT CAD/CAM package has been released by Type 3, ensuring greater ease of use for industrial and artistic modeling. more »

25 Mar 2014 16:57 Software

TCT Magazine braved the unruly post-storm British rail network for a morning at Delcam, where we learned more about "the biggest news in the history of CAM". more »

14 Feb 2014 09:15 Software



British firm Oleo International's innovation has played a pivotal role in the latest SolidWorkds 3D design software from Dassault Systèmes. more »

10 Feb 2014 12:09 Software

Autodesk has completed its acquisition of Delcam, which will see Delcam maintain its business as an independently-operated subsidiary of Autodesk. more »

7 Feb 2014 15:55 Software

Delcam has released the 2013 R2 incarnation of PowerINSPECT, offering users faster programming and inspection and easier-to-read reports. more »

20 Nov 2013 16:53 Software

CAD Geometry


LEDAS has joined forces with ASCON in order to develop new geometry search technology, allowing designers to reuse existing geometry as they work. more »

20 Nov 2013 11:44 Software

CAD software giant Autodesk has announced its intention to acquire manufacturing program and technology developer Delcam in an estimated £172.5 million deal. more »

7 Nov 2013 10:07 Software

Magics by Materialise


After nearly 20 years, additive manufacturing software stalwart Magics by Materialise is still going strong with its 18th incarnation. more »

4 Nov 2013 09:24 Software

Designers of all levels can now create CAD in their browser now GrabCAD has joined forces with Autodesk. more »

1 Jul 2013 16:48 Software 1 Comments

Siemens PLM Software have announced the release of Solid Edge software ST5 which helps users to develop products faster. more »

13 Jul 2012 09:54 Software