Chuck Hull

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths speaks with 3D Systems' co-founder Chuck Hull and team about the company's latest technology, the SLA Bot-2. more

13 Apr 2016 14:49 Laura Griffiths' Blog

The floor here at AMUG 2016 was opened up to grill some of the industry's leaders on the state of the market, innovation, training and much more. TCT was reporting live. more

5 Apr 2016 17:48 News

30 years ago Chuck Hull launched the SLA 1, 3D Systems are showing at CES 2016 that they're still kings of stereolithography 3D printing by launching a brand-new high-speed 3D printing concept. more

7 Jan 2016 23:52 TCT Events

The 3MF Consortium consisting of the likes of Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, Shapeways, netfabb, SLM and Dassault Systemes launch a new file format for the additive manufacturing community. more

1 May 2015 10:10 News

Amugkeynote line up


AMUG has carefully selected Jason Lopes, Lonnie Love and Todd Grimm as keynote presenters for its 2015 conference. These men embrace the passion that attendees have for the technology, participate in the open exchange of insights, and inject energy. more

18 Mar 2015 11:58 Guest Blogs

Inventor of 3D printing Chuck Hull to be highlight of four day conference as interview session will reveal how he came to find his place in the National Inventors Hall of Fame and overcome challenges as an innovator. more

5 Feb 2015 16:03 News

Riddle: It's been around since the 80's, used in most products but is still fairly new. What is it? more

28 Oct 2014 15:19 News

Chuck Hull has been honoured by being shortlisted for a European Inventor Award by the European Patent Office. more

28 May 2014 16:57 News

3D printing inventor Chuck Hull will be inducted into the National Inventors' Hall of Fame in May, joining the ranks of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. more

5 Mar 2014 12:32 News

3D Systems and Hershey have teamed up to produce 3D-printed edibles together using the world famous confectioner's food science expertise. more

16 Jan 2014 15:00 News

CTO of 3D Systems Chuck Hull has been honoured with a prestigious award for his services to technology as the founding father of 3D printing. more

4 Oct 2013 15:03 News

3D Printing is older than you think, watch this video on Stereolithography on Good Morning America in 1989. Chuck Hull is interviewed explaining the process of SLA. more

2 Aug 2013 10:12 Videos


Weird Universe

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's Superman and he's inventing 3D printing 20 years before anyone else. more

8 Jul 2013 16:17 PERSONALIZE

Proto Labs White Paper
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