As tradeshow stalwarts seeing the same old prints time after time can become a little tiresome, fortunately Dan sought out some prints that you may not have seen before. more »

28 Nov 2014 14:56 Euromold News

On the Stratasys stand Adobe's Mike Scrutton gives a demonstration of how simple designing for full colour 3D printing is on Photoshop CC. more »

26 Nov 2014 16:48 Euromold News

Stratasys reveals 11 new 3D printing products ahead of EuroMold 2014. more »

4 Nov 2014 15:02 News

3D printing technology from Stratasys makes 3D printed model of San Francisco a reality. more »

13 Oct 2014 11:00 News

TCT Magazine spoke to Luke Guttery of zero360 last month to find out more about how he is using cutting edge multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing to produce wearable prototypes. more »

19 May 2014 10:00 News 1 Comments

IPF has seen 3D printing evolve. Bringing its first Objet machine home nine years ago, now it is home to one of the first multi-colour, multi-material 3D printers in the UK. more »

16 May 2014 14:00 Services

Stratasys' 3D printing technology has been used by Hyphen, Christie Digital Systems' in-house rapid prototyping centre, to explore new applications. more »

19 Nov 2013 15:23 News

Stratasys' new 3D printing material ABS2 offers users high-rigidity and durability for small appliances, electronics and injection mould applications. more »

5 Nov 2013 16:10 News

OPS Ltd to take Objet's Connex Multi Material 3D Printer to Automotive Engineering Show more »

25 Oct 2012 09:00 News