The company behind the Micro 3D printer and one of the most successful 3D printing Kickstarter campaigns to date launches new machine. more »

21 Jun 2016 14:00 News

The consumer arm of 3D Systems finally grinds to a halt this weekend, accounts will be moved from to 3D Systems Shop on 31st January. more »

30 Jan 2016 12:56 PERSONALIZE

Daniel O'Connor takes a look at 3D Systems' CEO split and ponders whether the parting one of consumer 3D printing's champions means the end of the road for the consumer 3D printing dream more »

30 Oct 2015 11:12 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

itSeez3D CEO Victor Erukhimov tells TCT why he hopes this 3D scanning app will make a positive impact in the growing 3D market by putting portable scanning right in the hands of the consumer. more »

30 Apr 2015 15:20 Software

The Bavarian-based 3D printer manufacturer is set to launch its latest machine at the 3D printing and additive manufacturing event in Long Beach next month. more »

30 Apr 2015 11:58 News

During Dr. Phil Reeves talk at the 2015 International CES 3D Printing conference he suggested that if 3D printers were going to become a true consumer product the price would need to be similar to that of a games console. more »

10 Apr 2015 16:01 PERSONALIZE

TCT talks to China's leading 3D printing company about the growth of desktop technology and why support for the additive manufacturing industry is good news for everyone. more »

19 Mar 2015 16:11 News

One of China's leading consumer 3D printing companies talks to TCT about new developments, China's growing 3D printing market and bold ambitions. more »

19 Mar 2015 10:15 News

Affordable 3D printer manufacturer XYZprinting launches improved version of its successful da Vinci 1.0 machine for standalone 3D printing. more »

18 Mar 2015 12:06 News

Managing Director of leading 3D Printing consultants the Econolyst Dr Phil Reeves takes to the CES 2015 stage to discuss their research of the technology in Consumer Electronics. more »

20 Feb 2015 15:49 TCT Events

BEEVERYCREATIVE signs partnership with electronics distributor Wynit to accelerate sales of 3D printer in U.S. more »

13 Feb 2015 14:03 News

Crowdfunding success story, New Matter, announces the close of Series A Funding round of $6.5M to accelerate development of its consumer 3D printer. more »

11 Feb 2015 17:30 News

Polar 3D launches first consumer, polar coordinate based 3D printer at CES 2015. more »

16 Jan 2015 10:57 TCT Events

3D printed fashion, furniture, toys and decor will highlight how the consumer market will shape our homes. more »

23 Dec 2014 10:40 TCT Events

Dan gets his hands on the 3D Systems Cube 3 desktop consumer 3D printer for the first time, read his first look review. more »

18 Dec 2014 15:17 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Tried to reach the big crowd — consumers — with your online 3D print platform lately? Recent research from Berenshot suggests you may need to reassess how you meet their needs. more »

13 Dec 2014 08:32 , , News

3D printing is sometimes feared as the bogeyman of manufacturing, here to take the jobs of those hard at work on assembly lines across the factories of the world’s biggest companies. more »

18 Nov 2014 15:54 News

As more businesses invest in their own 3D printing machines, we ask some of the biggest service bureaus - is it time for a plan? more »

14 Nov 2014 15:10 News

Successful Kickstarter campaign sees 3D printer hit major retail outlets. more »

13 Nov 2014 13:49 News

Dual nozzle aimed at makers and hobbyists wanting from their 3D printer. more »

10 Nov 2014 16:33 News