The consumer arm of 3D Systems finally grinds to a halt this weekend, accounts will be moved from to 3D Systems Shop on 31st January. more »

30 Jan 2016 12:56 PERSONALIZE

Daniel O'Connor takes a look at 3D Systems' CEO split and ponders whether the parting one of consumer 3D printing's champions means the end of the road for the consumer 3D printing dream more »

30 Oct 2015 11:12 Daniel O'Connor's Blog

Laura Griffiths has her 3D printing credibility put to the test with a training session from CREAT3D. more »

17 Nov 2014 15:10 Laura Griffiths' Blog

UK stationery retailer, Ryman trial new 3D printing service at two London stores and plan to start selling 3D products this August. more »

31 Jul 2014 12:29 News

Urban Hubs want us to 3D print recycling bins for cans and bottles in order to make the lives of the US's canners easier. more »

23 Apr 2014 10:47 PERSONALIZE

MakerPoint is the Dutch retail outlet that encourages all of us to become makers. Personalize paid them a visit. more »

16 Apr 2014 17:01 PERSONALIZE

Chenderit School - Upgrading

Design & Technology teacher at Chenderit School Anna Marriot has now been using a 3D Printer on the course for six months. Time for an upgrade. more »

11 Apr 2014 11:25 Guest Column

M3D launched their new consumer friendly device on Kickstarter but three days ago, it has just broken the $2m barrier. more »

10 Apr 2014 16:39 PERSONALIZE

Education is being made a priority yet again at TCT Show + Personalize 2014, with Black Country Atelier and 3D Systems partnering with TCT to bring 3D printing to over 500 schoolchildren. more »

19 Mar 2014 09:18 TCT Show + Personalize

We’re at week two now of our time with 3D System’s handheld 3D scanner, the Sense. Dan tries to scan and print a Cube, not the shape, the printer! more »

30 Jan 2014 16:50 PERSONALIZE

The Chenderit School Blog 3

The UK Government has announced a significant investment into 3D printing at Antsy Park, Coventry. Chenderit school is less than 40 miles away and is preparing its children for the future. more »

20 Jan 2014 17:19 Guest Column

Daniel O'Connor attempts to print a Christmas decoration on both the Cube and the UP! Plus to see which printer comes out best. more »

19 Dec 2013 12:55 PERSONALIZE


Chenderit School

Chenderit School's first 3D Print

3D Systems donated a Cube to the school at this year's TCT Show, after a couple of months of red tape they finally made their first 3D print. more »

22 Nov 2013 16:13 Guest Column

The Cube in Harrods

Cubify Facebook

The upmarket Great British department store is now stocking the 3D Systems Cube printer, just in time for the Christmas rush. more »

15 Nov 2013 15:42 PERSONALIZE

Kids at the Chederit School love 3D printing

Anna Marriot

3D Printing, an education

There are plans afoot to put a 3D printer into every school but as Government's drag their heels in giving children a head start in this technology, one Design & Technology teacher is racing ahead. more »

14 Nov 2013 16:57 , Guest Column

The Sense is 3D Systems' handheld 3D scanner that can scan anything from a cupcake to a full human being. Could this be the consumer 3D scanner to rule them all? more »

8 Nov 2013 15:02 PERSONALIZE

After the success of Cubify Invent and Cubify Sculpt 3D Systems have launched their advanced modelling software, Cubify Design. more »

28 Oct 2013 17:51 PERSONALIZE

Cube wins award

Stuff Middle East

At the GITEX technology conference in Dubai the plucky little 3D systems machine steamrolled some illustrious competition in the gadget awards. more »

24 Oct 2013 17:10 PERSONALIZE

Three of Britain's most famous high street chains have entered the 3D printing market recently but Daniel O'Connor ponders whether they're forays are genuine investment or mere marketing follies. more »

17 Oct 2013 16:17 PERSONALIZE

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with CES, Dan was tasked with designing and printing a 3D version of the CES logo. In his blog he details how he got on with the rather daunting task. more »

10 Oct 2013 14:52 PERSONALIZE