Stratasys multi-colour, multi-material 3D printing technology appears on the runway once again with New York designer. more »

15 Sep 2016 14:24 PERSONALIZE

How does hybrid modeling enable the fourth industrial revolution? Join Spatial's Senior Product Manager, Brian Rohde, for this free webinar to find out about the software's new ability to model with both precise and polygonal representations. more »

7 Sep 2016 16:49 Webinars

Join Autodesk for this webinar to discover the latest advancements in additive manufacturing tools for optimisation, simulation, and fabrication as well as how generative design can unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing as an industrial tech. more »

18 Aug 2016 15:22 Webinars

Join Proto Labs' Lead Customer Service Engineer Saleem Shariff, as he discusses the different strategies available for designing parts with production in mind. more »


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How Ogle Models' 3D printing and model-making helped Honda envision a driverless vehicle solution to adventure and exploration with this beautiful project. more »


A unique piece of industrial design using 3D printing has enabled Kudu Studio to create the most accurate replica of the moon available on earth. more »

13 Apr 2016 14:12 PERSONALIZE

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths, speaks to Jesse Harrington Au at Autodesk about how generative design is opening up new design possibilities powered by intelligent algorithms and organic forms. more »

23 Mar 2016 11:11 Software

Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths speaks to Application Engineer for solidThinking about the 2016 improvements in its design optimisation tool, Inspire. more »

18 Mar 2016 11:55 Software

Join Jaideep Bangal, solidThinking Application Engineer, as he presents strategies for reducing part weight and increasing performance by pairing Additive Manufacturing with early-stage Topology Optimisation. more »

26 Jan 2016 16:48 Webinars

Dutch additive manufacturing company is accepting applications for the second edition of the Additive World Design for Manufacturing Challenge. more »

25 Jan 2016 14:13 News

The 3D printing service launches integration of its popular 3D printing file fixer, 3DPrintCoud, with the burgeoning cloud-based CAD software platform. more »

14 Dec 2015 16:07 Software

14-year old triathlete shaves 90 seconds off 10-mile time trial with specially engineered Boardman bike designed with KW Special Projects. more »

26 Oct 2015 11:47 News

Luke Guttery, Product Design Director at Axon56 takes to the TCT Show + Personalize 2015 stage with his talk "Moving from digital designs to tangible parts for testing and development". more »

20 Oct 2015 11:52

With the number of manufacturing options available to product innovators growing exponentially, maintaining focus on project priorities and capitalising on the most appropriate technology to best fulfil those priorities becomes ever more critical. more »

17 Sep 2015 07:31 Webinars

Autodesk Design and Creation Suites to transition to 'flexible subscription options' by August 2016. more »

3 Sep 2015 14:25 Software

Stratasys selects winners from over 200 entries to rethink the design of the CubeSat, a standardised small satellite aimed at university students. more »

26 Aug 2015 09:16 PERSONALIZE

Industrial design and bike light manufacturer, Supernova Design, installs MakerBot Replicator and sees dramatic improvements to product design process. more »

21 Aug 2015 16:03 News

In his latest, ever-excellent column Todd Grimm talks about the vicious circle people looking to adopt additive technologies find themselves in. more »

29 Jul 2015 16:54 The Todd Grimm Column

Stratasys and product design consultancy Design Reality will explore what is possible today with advanced 3D printing. Multi-material, multi-colour 3D printing has provided a significant shift forward in terms of ultra-realistic prototyping. more »


Wiggo will try to break the world one hour record in London this week, in order to make his bike as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible the design team have enlisted the help of the University of Sheffield's 3D Printing experts. more »

5 Jun 2015 13:47 News