New Smart Extruder+ to improve the 3D printing process in MakerBot Fifth Generation machines. more »

5 Jan 2016 00:25 CES News introduces affordable single nozzle hotend that provides a faster, easier and more precise colour 3D printing to Kickstarter. more »

7 Apr 2015 15:19 News

UPDATE: Fully funded in less than 24hrs In what seems to be turning into the UK's hub of 3D Printing Bristol's OmniDynamics are set to launch their filament extruder, Strooder on Kickstarter. more »

27 May 2014 16:59 PERSONALIZE

Taiwanese design agency Fabraft Design Lab are cycling round Taipei recycling the plastic cups that are the scourge of the Chinese territory's coastline. more »

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Filabot Wee


As the Kickstarter success launched their latest scaled-back model some have been left wondering where the original system is. more »

7 Aug 2013 16:59 PERSONALIZE

Filament Extruder


A competition to create a device for converting inexpensive ABS pellets into 3D printing filament has been won by 83-year-old inventor Hugh Lyman more »

4 Mar 2013 15:55 PERSONALIZE

Taulman3D offers a nylon 618 copolymer in 3 mm diameter. Orders will begin shipping next week. more »

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