Flexible Materials

The French 3D printing service provider branches out into material science with the launch of what it is calling 'the world's most flexible 3D printing material'. more »

6 Jan 2016 19:18 CES 2016

WATCH: Andrew Besancon from Ninjaflex talks at TCT Asia about how flexible materials are giving users the power to do something a little different with their 3D prints. more »

24 Apr 2015 12:40 TCT Events

The Brooklyn 3D Printing giants supplied a designer with two MakerBots and some of their new flexible filament in order to see whether it could be used to make a fully wearable dress. more »

12 Sep 2013 15:11 PERSONALIZE

Materialise TPU 92A-1


Materialise, the Belgian 3D printing service, have launched their latest highly flexible printable material TPU 92A-1, a hard plastic and soft silicone hybrid. more »

15 Mar 2013 10:51 PERSONALIZE

Plastic Fantastic offers a clear and opaque flexible filament for your 3D printer — still in the development phase the materials provide an excellent excuse for some messing around with your gear! more »

31 Jan 2013 10:20 PERSONALIZE

Taulman3D offers a nylon 618 copolymer in 3 mm diameter. Orders will begin shipping next week. more »

8 Nov 2012 10:16 PERSONALIZE

Shapeways has introduced 'Black Elasto' plastic to it's materials line up. The service's first fully flexible material is still in beta, but you can try it today and feed back your thoughts. more »

26 May 2012 15:39 PERSONALIZE