New York based company Normal says 3D printing is a game changer for customised goods. more »

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OwnPhones - Designer Collection

OwnPhones Designer Collection -

Worlds first 3D printed custom made earbuds, exclusively designed for the individual, feature in OwnPhones Kickstarter campaign. more »

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Amazing Low Fi High Tech Headphones from design studio j.c.karich available on Thingiverse. Using only 3D printing parts, some copper wire and magnets you can make your own fully functional headphones. more »

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Working Low Fi High Tech headphones, the majority of which was 3D printed. Designed and produced by j.c.karich, available to download on Thingiverse. more »

11 Apr 2013 10:30 Videos

Fancy converting your in-ear headphones into some funky over-ear cans? Now you can, with your 3D printer, and some files from Jckarich. more »

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