MakerBot Replicator

MakerBot has been introduced to Dell's portfolio, offering SMEs a new design and prototyping solution. more »

9 Jul 2014 14:17 News

3D model of a heart

Michael Clevenger/The Courier-Journal

3D printing technology has been put to use in helping surgeons prepare to operate on a toddler with serious heart defects. more »

26 Feb 2014 12:19 News

TCT Magazine's bright eyed and bushy tailed Brooke's day in the life of a journalist at International CES's press day. more »

8 Jan 2014 00:49 Guest Blogs

MakerBot has unveiled three new 3D printers at International CES, including the new large Z18 and the latest generation of the flagship prosumer Replicator 3D printer. more »

7 Jan 2014 03:48 TCT Events 1 Comments

In an interview with the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones Bre Pettis drops a hint that perhaps we can expect a big announcement from the CES veterans this year. more »

3 Jan 2014 16:04 TCT Events

Bre Pettis

Bre Pettis,, via Flickr

MakerBot announced its mission to put a desktop 3D printer in very school at the launch of an ambitious new education scheme. more »

12 Nov 2013 16:10 News

A study based on Cuboyo's Life Cycle Screening Assessment using Quantis data has taken a detailed look at the environmental impact of 3D printing. more »

5 Sep 2013 11:35 News

The Wall Street Journal has reported that MakerBot may be in talks with potential acquirers. more »

6 Jun 2013 09:18 News

MoMa New York

Stef74 via Wikimedia Commons

MakerBot is featuring in MoMa's Design Store Destination: NYC - Made in the USA programme. more »

21 May 2013 16:49 News

The MakerBot Replicator is being touted as the ultimate personal 3D printer by its own makers, MakerBot Industries. more »

14 Jun 2012 10:26 News