Jonathan Jaglom's serious realignment process of the MakerBot brand bears some fruit as the desktop 3D printing company launch a raft of new 3D printing solutions aimed at professionals. more »

23 Sep 2016 10:56 News

Evonik breaks ground on new polyamide 12 production plant in Marl, Germany set to open in late 2017. more »

13 Sep 2016 16:37 News

One of Germany’s leading Additive Manufacturing (AM) and research innovators has become the inaugural adopter of Ricoh’s first 3D printer. more »

16 Jun 2016 11:04 News

During AMUG 2016 EnvisionTEC discussed some of their upcoming releases with TCT including the new PolyPro MAX 3SP resin. more »

8 Apr 2016 11:00 News

The environmentally conscious 3D printing filament manufacturer has launched DURA Filament which the team says is a more eco-friendly replacement for ABS. more »

21 Mar 2016 17:08 News

XYZprinting launches new line of non-toxic and waterproof Flexible Filament cartridges for more versatile and durable 3D printing. more »

7 Mar 2016 16:52 News

Patented scanning technology is capable of producing accurate representations of 3D material samples with sub-mm precision. more »

26 Feb 2016 12:10 Imaging

Additive manufacturing leader to unveil its latest material, E-Guard, a biocompatible and transparent material designed for the dental industry at the 32nd annual LMT LAB DAY. more »

26 Feb 2016 09:30 News

LPW Technology POWDERFLOW product line to help additive manufacturing users efficiently characterise flow of powders. more »

14 Jan 2016 14:13 News

Aleph Objects, Inc. announced an exclusive partnership with Filabits LLC to promote access access to, and adoption of, high performance materials in the desktop 3D printing industry. more »

3 Dec 2015 11:07 News

3Dom USA introduces Wound Up 3D printing filament made from coffee leftovers to provide unique print finishes. more »

24 Aug 2015 14:17 News

BioInspiration launches flexible bioplastic filament made from corn starch and raw compostable materials. more »

19 Aug 2015 10:38 News

New support material designed with ease of removal in mind as well as an extended range of colours for their popular PolyMAX PLA material from Chinese 3D printing filament supllier. more »

30 Jul 2015 15:54 News

In his latest, ever-excellent column Todd Grimm talks about the vicious circle people looking to adopt additive technologies find themselves in. more »

29 Jul 2015 16:54 The Todd Grimm Column

Materialise introduces metal 3D printing to industrial service offering with aluminium alloy material option. more »

4 Mar 2015 10:21 News



3D printing service Sculpteo launches three new precious metal finishes for its brass and silver material options. more »

19 Feb 2015 11:13 News

eSUN introduces new 3D printing filament to its range, Bronze PLA. more »

23 Jan 2015 12:26 News

The CEO of Materialise discusses why the company see CES as an important event not only to demo their products but also to stem some of the hype that surrounds the technology. more »

7 Jan 2015 19:36 TCT Events

Fripp Design and Research to pre launch Picsima bureau service for 3D printing silicone at TCT Show + Personalize. more »

26 Sep 2014 10:41

The internationally recognised brand known for their data storage products are to sell both PLA and ABS developed by their parent company Mitsubishi Chemicals. more »

11 Aug 2014 15:50 News