One small step for 3D printing may make a huge leap for manufacturing in space according to Made in Space's Andrew Rush as he and Editor Daniel O'Connor discuss the final frontier. more


NASA 3D Printed Rocket Test


The huge aerospace and defence company, who were recently awarded with a huge manufacturing contract by NASA have successfully tested a hypersonic engine combustor at Langley Research Center. more

19 Jan 2016 17:24 News

NASA teams with eight universities on new technology projects for future deep space exploration missions including additive manufacturing, space habitations and food production in space. more

10 Jun 2015 14:43 News

Tethers Unlimited wins NASA contract to develop recycling system for creating 3D printer filament from plastic waste on board the International Space Station. more

17 Apr 2015 09:48 News

NASA has teamed up with the GrabCAD community to invite designers to create a handrail clamp assembly that will be printed and studied on board the International Space Station. more

22 Jan 2015 10:48 PERSONALIZE

Butch Wilmore with Ratchet

Made In Space

The NASA backed project Made In Space have emailed their first tool needed on the International Space Station and it WORKS. more

19 Dec 2014 16:08 News

NASA is set to launch first zero-gravity 3D printer into space on the next International Space Station resupply mission. more

4 Sep 2014 15:31 News


NASA photo/David Olive

NASA engineers successfully test 3D printed complex rocket engine parts created with selective laser melting. more

1 Sep 2014 11:58 News

NASA Goddard/Jason Budinoff

NASA Goddard/Jason Budinoff

NASA engineer is set to produce first space cameras to be made entirely from 3D printed parts. more

7 Aug 2014 10:19 News

Now you can browse an archive of NASA data, select the model you wish and 3D print yourself, be that other planetary terrain, asteroids or even spacecraft themselves. more

24 Jul 2014 16:45 PERSONALIZE

The 3D Printer that will be printing components and tools on-board the ISS has now been given the all clear by NASA and is pencilled in for an August 2014 delivery. more

13 Jun 2014 15:44 PERSONALIZE

3D Hubs maps of their printers

3D Hubs

The platform which connects those with and those without 3D printers has made its latest announcement, which contains some staggering statistics. more

5 Jun 2014 15:11 PERSONALIZE

The US army, together with NASA and the University of Alabama in Huntsville have formed a powerful team for researching additive manufacturing and its uses in aerospace and defence. more

27 May 2014 11:05 News



Those boffins at NASA have turned images of a martian meteorite from the Opportunity Rover into a full-sized 3D printed replica. more

30 Apr 2014 16:54 PERSONALIZE

Apollo 13 Lunar Module

By NASA, via Wikimedia Commons

An astronaut has put the usefulness of 3D printing in space into perspective by asking what would have happened if there was a 3D printer on board Apollo 13. more

26 Mar 2014 16:43 News

SLM Solutions has expanded its management team to better support the additive manufacturing company's continued international growth. more

30 Oct 2013 09:24 News

3D Printing and space travel is all the rage, here's how 3D printing could have you living on the moon in next to no time. more

14 Oct 2013 15:57 PERSONALIZE

Another fantastic case study from the guys at MakerBot on how Replicators are being used in the development of the James Webb Space Telescope. more

9 Oct 2013 16:50 PERSONALIZE

Jet engine

Telemaque MySon, via Wikimedia Commons

SLM Solutions will be present at the Additive Aerospace Summit to put forward its findings on making additive an integral part of aerospace manufacturing. more

9 Oct 2013 14:17 News

Nasa IRIS Satellite

NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, via Wikimedia Commons

An aerospace advanced manufacturing company has signed a contract to develop systems to 3D print spacecraft with embedded shielding. more

20 Sep 2013 15:21 News

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