Paris Air Show

German manufacturer joins the biggest names in the aerospace industry to present comprehensive range of laser sintering solutions. more

11 Jun 2015 10:39 News

SLM Solutions has reported that its time at the Paris Air Show last month was a success, generating interest in the company's products and technology. more

4 Jul 2013 14:34 News

Airbus A380

By yeowatzup from Katlenburg-Lindau, via Wikimedia Commons

Businesses in the aerospace supply chain could benefit from another government funding scheme - potentially benefitting 3D printing research and development. more

17 Jun 2013 15:21 News

On its first appearance at the Paris Air Show, 3T will be exhibiting its Concept Rotor Blade to inspire the international aerospace industry. more

13 Jun 2013 15:53 News

SLM Solutions is due to present its new prototyping developments at the International Paris Air Show this month. more

12 Jun 2013 10:59 News


By Jack Dykinga, via Wikimedia Commons

After the dust from our Big Three's quarterly results announcements has settled, the market side of the 3D printing industry is looking pretty peachy, according to Rose Brooke. more

28 May 2013 10:45 Guest Blogs

Survey Copter uses 3D printing to produce prototype and short-run component parts for mini-UAV systems, also known as drones more

24 May 2013 15:56 News

Stratasys in conjunction with French distributor CADvision will be showcasing its latest 3D printing technologies at the Paris Air Show this June. more

1 May 2013 12:06 News

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