PTC adds Vuforia's market-leading augmented reality platform and developer eco-system to technology portfolio. more »

12 Oct 2015 14:29 News

PTC is partnering with Stratasys to deliver 'Design for Additive Manufacturing' capabilities through PTC Creo to design, optimise, prepare, and validate designs for 3D Printing. more »

8 Jun 2015 14:06 Software

New solution combines power of PTC Windchill with a flexible, hosted subscription, delivered at a pace that matches the needs of SMBs. more »

28 Jan 2015 16:53 Software

PTC announces Creo 3.0 will be on the market soon with new innovations that will transform the use of CAD models from third-party systems. more »

8 Aug 2014 15:50 News

ITC Infotech’s implementation of Product Lifecycle Management software creates seamless supply chains to get clothing lines on the shelves in record time more »

7 Oct 2013 15:12 Software

The latest release of PTC Windchill reduces effort needed to comply with new FDA and SEC regulations and enhances integration with PTC Integrity. more »

4 Oct 2013 11:16 Software

Pre-configured solution from PTC delivers industry best practices and rapid deployment services. more »

13 Jun 2013 15:04 Software 1 Comments

PTC Creo in action


PTC has collaborated with IBM, Citrix and NVIDIA to deliver new IP protection, performance and deployment advantages for PTC Creo design teams. more »

13 Jun 2013 13:36 Software

Luxion has unveiled KeyShot 4.1 at PTC Live Global in California this week, bringing new features to the innovative program. more »

12 Jun 2013 09:34 Software

Luxion has appointed LEAP Australia as its newest KeyShot reseller, offering KeyShot 3D Rendering software to users of PTC Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Rhino, SolidEdge, NX or CATIA. more »

8 Mar 2013 11:31 Software

PTC's Kevin Asbridge talks about making a good business case for a PLM implementation by highlighting how value can be added across the development lifecycle. more »

17 Sep 2012 13:55 Software

Concept design is a fundamental part of the product development process, whether using traditional methods or computerised techniques, it’s here that a product’s potential can be explored most fully. We explore how Creo 2.0 can fit into the process.. more »

12 Jul 2012 12:56 Software