Editor Daniel O'Connor takles a look at how KUKA's robotic arm technology is enhancing the additive manufacturing experience at IMTS 2016. more

14 Sep 2016 18:45 News

CAD/CAM company Delcam have added a robotic arm fitted with a Fronius CMT advanced welding head to a range of 3D printing equipment at its Birmingham site. more

19 Jan 2016 10:47 Software

The Metrology Assisted Robotic Automation (MARA) project at the Coventry-based MTC will result in major improvements in the precision and consistency of robotic operations. more

10 Aug 2015 11:31 News

Brighton based MakerClub amongst 15 winners of "Learning Technologies: Design for Impact" competition. more

17 Nov 2014 11:08 PERSONALIZE

University of Leeds invests in the Objet1000 from Stratasys. more

22 Oct 2014 15:30 News

3D Systems introduces the only hands-on, complete procedural training simulator for robotic surgery skills. more

18 Sep 2014 16:26 News

Breuckmann's new stereoSCAN 3D scanner offers precise, reliable imaging using robotic arm and white light scanning technology. more

3 Apr 2014 16:39 Imaging

GrabCAD and RoboSavvy collaborate to gather ideas for a humanoid robot design for entertainment and education. more

12 Dec 2013 17:01 PERSONALIZE

A modular robot toy, aimed at everyone from children to engineering graduates, was helped off the ground by Stratasys' 3D printing services. Personalize spoke to co-founder Christian Guder to see how rapid prototyping gave them a leg up. more

13 Aug 2013 11:47 PERSONALIZE

Delcam has launched the PowerMILL Robot Interface for the programming of robots for multi-axis machining operations. The earlier VB application that was developed for robot machining has been completely rewritten and fully embedded inside PowerMILL. more

25 Apr 2013 14:19 Software 1 Comments



No not the Olympic Gold Medalist celebration but these educational 3D Printed modular robots. Designed to give children the skills they need to survive in the 21st Century. more

10 Apr 2013 17:00 PERSONALIZE

Barobo Inc. have launched 3D printing kits for their educational modular robots, Mobot. more

10 Apr 2013 17:00 Videos

MakerDust helps designer Matthew Borgatti create a soft 'robotic' tentacle with a novel movement system more

13 Feb 2013 00:52 News

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