Rose Brooke

3D printing the surgical revolution

The development of new and cutting-edge materials goes hand in hand with new and cutting-edge processes, which is why Replica 3DM believes it is revolutionising surgery with innovative polymers and inert plastics using 3D printing. more »

31 Dec 2014 11:00 News

Hawk3DProto: Realising a vision

TCT Magazine paid a visit to Hawk3DProto in Yorkshire where 3D printing visionary Ben Hawksworth gave us a glimpse into his plans for the additive manufacturing project he has spun out of tooling solutions provider Cutwel. more »

21 Jul 2014 10:00 News

Local Motors selects design for first 3D-printed car

Local Motors has selected Strati by Michele Anoè as the winning design for its first 3D-printed car, which will be on display both during production and in its final form at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. more »

25 Jun 2014 12:43 Software

3D printing vision to bring stories to life for visually impaired

A team from the University of Colorado Boulder is working to bring internationally-loved children's literature to life for visually-impaired children using 3D printing technology. more »

24 Jun 2014 10:06 News

International CES 3D Printing Marketplace doubles

International CES's TCT + Personalize-sponsored 3D Printing Marketplace is set to be twice the size of 2014's inaugural 3D Printing Techzone, reflecting the ongoing demand for consumer 3D printing technology. more »

18 Jun 2014 10:55 3D Printing at CES