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Zaha Hadid Architects

Exploding convention emancipating creativity

Just as the electric car could shift automotive design completely, 3D printing has the potential to transform architecture. more »

18 Jul 2014 10:00 AM & 3D Printing News

Stratasys hits the trail in 3DRV

Stratasys is hitting the road on an eight-month-long adventure around the US, spreading the 3D printing word and enlightening those who are yet to realise the full potential of this disruptive technology. more »

27 Jun 2014 16:18 AM & 3D Printing News

3D printing the surgical revolution

The development of new and cutting-edge materials goes hand in hand with new and cutting-edge processes, which is why Replica 3DM believes it is revolutionising surgery with innovative polymers and inert plastics using 3D printing. more »

31 Dec 2014 11:00 AM & 3D Printing News

Hawk3DProto: Realising a vision

TCT Magazine paid a visit to Hawk3DProto in Yorkshire where 3D printing visionary Ben Hawksworth gave us a glimpse into his plans for the additive manufacturing project he has spun out of tooling solutions provider Cutwel. more »

21 Jul 2014 10:00 AM & 3D Printing News

3D Hubs

TCT + Personalize 2014 Welcomes 3D Hubs Community

TCT Show + Personalize is proud to announce the first 3D Hubs UK Maker Meetup is to take place at this autumn's leading 3D printing event. more »

18 Jul 2014 12:01

Zaha Hadid Architects

Exploding convention emancipating creativity

Just as the electric car could shift automotive design completely, 3D printing has the potential to transform architecture. more »

18 Jul 2014 10:00 AM & 3D Printing News

Renishaw and Young Engineers inspire youngsters

The next generation of talented engineers has been inspired by Renishaw and Young Engineers' tour of the industry. more »

16 Jul 2014 14:03 AM & 3D Printing News

MakerBot 3D printing welcomed into Dell portfolio

MakerBot has been introduced to Dell's portfolio, offering SMEs a new design and prototyping solution. more »

9 Jul 2014 14:17 AM & 3D Printing News

Renishaw 3D printing systems pique Duke's interest

HRH Prince Andrew's eye was caught by the Renishaw additive manufacturing systems at Liverpool University. more »

8 Jul 2014 16:38 AM & 3D Printing News

3D imaging 'key to future of automotive'

Imaging technologies such as 3D scanning and object recognition have been named crucial to the development of the automotive industry. more »

7 Jul 2014 11:14 Imaging

Honda pioneers 3DXCITE 3D software for crash testing

Honda is pioneering ground-breaking 3D crash simulation software developed in partnership with 3DXCITE, allowing engineers to view collisions more precisely. more »

4 Jul 2014 11:42 Software

Reebok and Under Armour Present 3D Printing in Wearables at TCT Show + Personalize 2014

TCT Show + Personalize is proud to welcome 3D printing users Reebok and Under Armour to the stage to talk wearable technology. more »

3 Jul 2014 14:15

Matter and Form 3D Scanner ready for launch

Matter and Form's 3D scanners are due to start landing in customers' hands very shortly. more »

2 Jul 2014 15:36 Imaging

Renishaw a 'top 3' company for engineering & manufacturing graduates

British engineering giant Renishaw has been ranked one of the top three companies in the UK for engineering and manufacturing graduates. more »

2 Jul 2014 14:57 AM & 3D Printing News

Dirk Goldhahn

3D-printed lightweight materials mimic balsa wood

Scientists have developed a 3D-printing material that mimics balsa wood in their search for lightweight materials for wind turbine blades. more »

1 Jul 2014 16:33 AM & 3D Printing News

Materialise commences trading

Materialise has commenced trading on the NASDAQ under the ticker MTLS, with its 8 million ADSs priced at $12 per unit for the 3D printing stock set newcomer. more »

25 Jun 2014 15:37 AM & 3D Printing News

Via YouTube

Local Motors selects design for first 3D-printed car

Local Motors has selected Strati by Michele Anoè as the winning design for its first 3D-printed car, which will be on display both during production and in its final form at the International Manufacturing Technology Show. more »

25 Jun 2014 12:43 Software

Graduate student Abigale Stangl (right), a CU-Boulder doctoral student and a volunteer at the Anchor Center for Blind Children in Denver, shows Isabella Chinkes and her mother Linda a 3D version of Goodnight Moon.

Photo courtesy Casey Cass, University of Colorado

3D printing vision to bring stories to life for visually impaired

A team from the University of Colorado Boulder is working to bring internationally-loved children's literature to life for visually-impaired children using 3D printing technology. more »

24 Jun 2014 10:06 AM & 3D Printing News

PolyBricks put spin on ceramic 3D printing

A new system using prefabricated ceramic building blocks could revolutionise how people use ceramic 3D printing. more »

23 Jun 2014 10:39 AM & 3D Printing News

3D Systems

Market Roundup: Hull sells 7.5k 3D Systems shares

Rose Brooke examines 3D Systems' share price after what has been an exciting week for the industry giant - but not because unveiled his 3D printing venture with Coca-Cola. more »

20 Jun 2014 15:25 Rose Brooke's Blog

Example of electron beam melting for titanium implant production.

Medical Modeling

3D Systems to Spearhead 3D Printing in Medical Revolution at TCT Show + Personalize 2014

3D Systems is tackling the red hot topic of 3D printing in the medical sector, as TCT Show announces the industry giant will be presenting its Day Three keynote. more »

20 Jun 2014 10:09

By EconomicOldenburger, via Wikimedia Commons

International CES 3D Printing Marketplace doubles

International CES's TCT + Personalize-sponsored 3D Printing Marketplace is set to be twice the size of 2014's inaugural 3D Printing Techzone, reflecting the ongoing demand for consumer 3D printing technology. more »

18 Jun 2014 10:55 3D Printing at CES