Sorry about that headline, Editor, Daniel O’Connor couldn’t resist thanks to the news that South Park and Source3 have teamed up to offer a series of unique collectables. more »

23 Aug 2016 17:11 PERSONALIZE

Shapeways adds new Black High Definition Acrylate material ideal for miniatures and high detail products. more »

12 Apr 2016 08:56 News

We speak to Shapeways CEO, Peter Weijmarshausen for his take on the current state of 3D printing in the consumer market. more »

28 Jan 2016 16:24 PERSONALIZE

If you happen to have a copy of the latest edition of TCT you'll see a double page spread on our pick of 3D printed gifts. For those of you that prefer a digital experience here's the personalize printing press in pixels. more »

25 Nov 2015 11:33 PERSONALIZE



A report from Deloitte suggests that the age of mass personalisation is upon us. A boost for all those 3D printing companies, who have already taken on a significant chunk of the burden. more »

27 Jul 2015 17:12 News

3D printing big-shots team up with new investors to develop new features and materials for the future. more »

1 Jul 2015 16:19 News

As an exclusive to TCT the 3MF Consortium CEO, Adrian Lannin and netfabb CEO Alexander Oster have produced a report on how the 3MF file format can be used to improve the 3D printing process. more »

1 Jul 2015 14:48 , News

TCT spoke to Justin Kidder, Director of Graphics and Software Architecture at Dassault Systemes SOLIDWORKS Corporation about the CAD conglomerate's involvement in the new file format: more »

29 Jun 2015 11:16 Software 1 Comments

As Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, netfabb & Shapeways launch the new 3MF file format, TCT interviews Mcor Technologies, Shapeways, Spectrom, Adobe and Faberdashery posing the question; does full colour 3D printing need a new file format? more »

8 May 2015 14:38 podcast

TCT speaks to the experts from Mcor, Shapeways, Adobe, IPF, Faberdashery and Spectrom to find out why colour 3D printing is so important. more »

8 May 2015 14:03 News

The 3MF Consortium consisting of the likes of Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, Shapeways, netfabb, SLM and Dassault Systemes launch a new file format for the additive manufacturing community. more »

1 May 2015 10:10 News

Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer gives his thoughts on how 3D printing is giving popular memes and internet sensations a new lease of life. more »

14 Apr 2015 14:39 PERSONALIZE

The Shapeways CEO's talk at CES 2015 highlighted how they're driving entrepreneurship through their shops and how they are tackling tricky IP issues by joining forces with the likes of Hasbro. more »

13 Feb 2015 16:03 TCT Events

Shapeways invites 3D printer owners to join its Global Partner Network. more »

15 Jan 2015 16:55 PERSONALIZE

Tried to reach the big crowd — consumers — with your online 3D print platform lately? Recent research from Berenshot suggests you may need to reassess how you meet their needs. more »

13 Dec 2014 08:32 , , News

3D printing is sometimes feared as the bogeyman of manufacturing, here to take the jobs of those hard at work on assembly lines across the factories of the world’s biggest companies. more »

18 Nov 2014 15:54 News


Shapeways Blog.

Shapeways launches its largest 3D printing factory yet. more »

24 Oct 2014 11:29 News



Young people are being asked to submit their designs for tools that can be 3D printed and used in space. more »

24 Sep 2014 16:57 News

Shapeways announces Beta and "First to Try" to encourage collaborative approach to 3D printed design. more »

11 Aug 2014 10:17 News

FabMe Jewelry's Wesley Günter, unveils his latest collection featuring the 'Fab Cap'. more »

5 Aug 2014 14:34 FabMe Jewelry