European General Manager at Fomrlabs, Michael Sorkin talks to TCT about the company's strategic partnerships and acquisitions that are helping the whole 3D printing eco-system to grow. more

29 Sep 2016 17:34 TCT Show + Personalize UK



The Technical Competition at AMUG is arguably the 3D printing industry's most illustrious prize, TCT got a sneak peak at this year's shortlist. more

5 Apr 2016 02:01 News

Let's be clear, this isn't just stereolithography

Andrew Mitchell of Malcom Nicholls Limited pens a guest blog for TCT detailing how the they have perfected clear prototyping. more

25 Jan 2016 16:38 Guest Column

Ultrasound 3D Printing

Matt Sutton, Tom Llewellyn-Jones and Bruce Drinkwater © 2016

A new technique developed at the University of Bristol shows how, by hacking off-the-shelf 3D printers, smart materials with reinforcements can be 3D printed by ultrasonically arranging microstructures. more

19 Jan 2016 10:08 News

30 years ago Chuck Hull launched the SLA 1, 3D Systems are showing at CES 2016 that they're still kings of stereolithography 3D printing by launching a brand-new high-speed 3D printing concept. more

7 Jan 2016 23:52 TCT Events

Canon and partners have teamed up to replicate the Webb Ellis Cup to promote its sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup using the latest 3D scanning and 3D printing technology. more

7 Oct 2015 16:17 News

Formlabs showcase new Tough Resin that outperforms traditional materials and is designed for high-performance and durable engineering and prototyping applications. more

23 Jun 2015 15:00 News

At TCT we endeavour to bring you great content in whatever shape or form it takes. Onshape's Michael LaFleche has written a great piece on what it takes to successfully 3D print. more

22 Jun 2015 10:19 Guest Blogs

WATCH: Prismlab CEO, Hou Feng, talks at TCT Asia about the recently launched RAPID 400 3D printer and why he thinks 3D printing is capable of changing the world. more

27 Apr 2015 14:59 News

Model-making company commissioned to produce replicas of two Royal Navy remote controlled boats used to detect and detonate underwater mines. more

4 Feb 2015 14:02 News

Kudo3D talk high resolution 3D printing with the Titan 1 and passive self-peeling technology at CES 2015. more

16 Jan 2015 15:46 TCT Events

Three additional SLA machines and two new SLA resins signals ARRK's continued confidence in the technology. more

16 Jul 2014 10:47 Services

3D Systems

Via YouTube

3D Systems' 3D printing technology has proved it can not only match but exceed injection moulding production times, making 3D printing a viable manufacturing option with less tooling and shorter supply chains. more

11 Jun 2014 15:00 News

Not content launching two new extrusion-based 3D printers the Taiwanese firm have launched a new resin based 3D printer. more

3 Jun 2014 16:57 PERSONALIZE

ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA 3D printer

3D Systems

3D Systems has commenced shipping of its ProJet 1200 Micro-SLA 3D printer - a highly-accurate, compact professional machine aimed at dental labs and jewellery-makers. more

24 Mar 2014 14:14 News

3D printing inventor Chuck Hull will be inducted into the National Inventors' Hall of Fame in May, joining the ranks of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. more

5 Mar 2014 12:32 News

Belgian fashion brand are known for their innovation in the fashion bag market and ave now stepped into the third dimension. more

15 Jan 2014 20:39 PERSONALIZE

The Pegasus Touch from Full Spectrum laser is a stereolithographic 3D printer which boasts some impressive features at an affordable price point. more

2 Jan 2014 13:04 TCT Events

3D Systems' shopping list of new announcements left the crowds at EuroMold in a spin - so TCT Magazine has pulled together a digest of all the latest from the industry giant. more

3 Dec 2013 18:25 Euromold News 1 Comments

IDC Models has launched an online quote and ordering system for its stereolithography 3D printing service. more

25 Nov 2013 12:00 News

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