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Objet Connex3 now comes equipped with Adobe colour management and connectivity to provide a complete colour experience and streamlined 3D printing workflow. more

2 Feb 2016 11:08 News

Two years ago at SOLIDWORKS World Markforged launched a 3D printer that printed with carbon fibre, today sees the company launch the 2nd generation of high-strength printing on the desktop. more

1 Feb 2016 13:55 News 1 Comments



British firm Oleo International's innovation has played a pivotal role in the latest SolidWorkds 3D design software from Dassault Systèmes. more

10 Feb 2014 12:09 Software

The MarkForged Mark One

Jim Woodcock

On my second visit to SolidWork's annual conference/exhibition/party/education drive, I was expecting the complex nomenclature of the CAD world to drown me... It was it my delight therefore that the biggest news coming out of SWW was 3D printing. more

29 Jan 2014 21:14 Jim Woodcock's Blog

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