3DPRINTUK, the 3D printing service based in London, were tasked with creating beautiful, bespoke trophies for both the men's and women's Hockey World League 2015. more

16 Dec 2015 16:06 Services

14-year old triathlete shaves 90 seconds off 10-mile time trial with specially engineered Boardman bike designed with KW Special Projects. more

26 Oct 2015 11:47 News

Wiggo will try to break the world one hour record in London this week, in order to make his bike as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible the design team have enlisted the help of the University of Sheffield's 3D Printing experts. more

5 Jun 2015 13:47 News

EasyStand ski boot demonstrates the possibilities 3D printing holds for the sporting industry at ISPO Munich. more

10 Feb 2015 11:35 News

Stratasys 3D printed parts take to the sea in record breaking challenge. more

20 Oct 2014 14:56 News

Newly founded RS Print helps Paula Radcliffe cross the finish line with 3D printed insoles. more

22 Sep 2014 15:02 News

Personalised swords designed by Stratasys helped the Japanese fencing team take the silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. more

27 Aug 2013 15:05 News

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