Star Prototype

In order to further its new AddSub service, which combines 3D printing and five-axis CNC machining, the Chinese-based company has decided to enlist Delcam's PowerMILL CAM software. more »

1 Dec 2015 17:17 Software

Star Prototype, China, have launched what they say is a groundbreaking service that removes significant time periods involved when transferring 3D printed parts to CNC machining. more »

12 Aug 2015 13:50 News

Star Prototype has secured a first-time contract from Primary Fluids thanks to its Doosan Lynx 235 CNC lathe. more »

9 Apr 2013 11:41 News

Star Prototype sous-vide

Tender delights – sous-vide steak cooked with the Nomiku device

STAR Prototype has delivered a sous-vide machine that aims to bring the innovative cooking technique into the homes of keen gastronomes. more »

6 Mar 2013 09:44 Services

Star Prototype, the British-owned China-based rapid prototyping house, has appointed Dave Moir as its UK project manager. He has been charged with delivering significant growth in UK project work for the company. more »

13 Nov 2012 14:04 Services

Star Prototype has helped turn an innovative idea for a unisex travel razor into a commercial product for the discerning traveller by delivering the key elements of Cormia Design’s new Pocket Razor. more »

26 Oct 2012 09:00 Services

Star Prototype has again demonstrated the scope and quality of its service by delivering tooling and prototypes for Norwegian communication specialist, Zenitel. more »

13 Jul 2012 09:15 Services

Star Prototype China Limited of Zhongshan, China and JDL Technical Services (of Windsor, Ontario) have announced today one of the first orders of the NPE show. more »

14 Jun 2012 14:50 Events