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Detroit stadium regen

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Olympia Entertainment is putting its ambitious plan to breathe life into downtown Detroit in place with a a new multi-purpose stadium. 3D printing accelerated the redevelopment project, being used to create two scale models. more

8 Dec 2016 14:03

Stratasys and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing launch industry first to boost 3D printing adoption in small and large manufacturers. more

29 Jul 2016 15:49 Services

How surgeons at the Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute are using Somos materials and Stratasys Direct Manufacturing 3D printing skills to improve heart surgery. more


Few people have a better feel for the 3D printing market and its applications than Joe Allison. One of only two people on the globe to receive two of AMUG's prestigious DINO Awards, Joe talks to TCT. more

14 Dec 2015 16:48 Services

Survey by Stratasys Direct Manufacturing reveals how businesses intend to grow their additive manufacturing capabilities over the next three years. more

14 Aug 2015 10:44 News

Solid Concepts, Harvest Technologies and RedEye Services have been merged to Form Stratasys Direct Manufacturing. more

19 Feb 2015 16:45

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