The Dutch manufacturer has launched the latest iteration of the popular Ultimaker series of 3D printers aimed at professional designers and engineers. more

18 Oct 2016 16:18 News

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer partners with Coursera to introduce online 3D printing specialisation at University of Illinois and "Free Print Wednesdays" initiative. more

25 Feb 2016 10:50 News

Ultimaker unveils new Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 2 Extended+ 3D printers at CES 2016. more

5 Jan 2016 19:33 TCT Events

The 3MF Consortium gains another Founding member in mission to standardise a full-fidelity file format for 3D printing. more

10 Dec 2015 09:44 Software

New Olsson Heater Block included for free with every Ultimaker2 and Ultimaker2 Extended purchase this month. more

5 Nov 2015 14:52 PERSONALIZE

Ultimaker follows in open-source tradition by making blue print files for Ultimaker 2 Go and Ultimaker 2 Extended public. more

21 Oct 2015 10:56 News

Paul Croft, Director at Ultimaker GB, tells TCT how he thinks 3D printing is no longer about plastic toys, guns or key-rings and more about real value. more

7 Oct 2015 15:35 formnext

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer teams with Perpetual Plastic Project to reduce plastic waste and create recycled filament. more

15 Sep 2015 11:54 News

Ultimaker shows perfect example of how the eNABLE community is changing the lives of people the world over with 3D printed prosthetic hands. more

14 Aug 2015 14:13 News

The Dutch 3D Printer manufacturer launches product videos for their three machines and their confidence in the product with the longest warranty in the industry. more

9 Jul 2015 11:57 News

Rebuilt from the ground, Cura 3D printing software allows seamless integration between hardware, software and materials. more

1 Jul 2015 10:08 Software

Designer behind World Elephant Day's 3D printed lifesize elephant takes Ultimaker 3D printer add-on to Kickstarter. more

3 Mar 2015 11:26 News


Ultimaker Blog.

3D printing cloud company 3DPrinterOS and Ultimaker collaborate on free classes that teach the basics of 3D printing to new starters in New York and San Francisco. more

16 Feb 2015 10:31 News

Find out why Laura Griffiths chose Ultimaker as her favourite video from TCT at CES. more

15 Jan 2015 13:58 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Siert Wijnia of Ultimaker talks to TCT about the new 3D printers that the company launched at the 2015 International CES and the move from the 3D printing bronze age to the iron age... more

7 Jan 2015 02:13 TCT Events


TCT + Personalize

The places to see all of the pics of what's new in the 3D printing world at CES 2015 before the show even opens. more

6 Jan 2015 17:27 TCT Events

The popular Dutch 3D printer manufacturer looks set to launch a big and small version of their popular Ultimaker 2 as the doors to the 2015 International CES swing open tomorrow. more

5 Jan 2015 21:57 TCT Events

Fuel3D and Ultimaker GB team up to show scan-to-print eco-system at this year's Royal Institue Christmas Lecture. more

24 Dec 2014 11:28 News

Ultimaker has announced the availability of its 3D printing products to the North American market. more

16 Sep 2014 09:33 News

11 year old David Armstrong hopes to raise $4000 to kickstart his career in mechanical engineering. more

3 Sep 2014 13:59 PERSONALIZE

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