SAP opens up distributed manufacturing initiative to co-innovation customers and partners. more

20 Sep 2016 16:28 Services

UPS expands on-demand 3D printing network to Asia with new 3D printing factory in Singapore in collaboration with Fast Radius. more

20 Sep 2016 10:38 Services

UPS Stores extends 3D printing service to nearly 100 locations after increased demand from small businesses. more

23 Sep 2014 11:39 News

Stratasys uPrint SE Plus systems will be used in UPS's pilot 3D printing initiative. more

2 Aug 2013 12:21 News

The shipping giants have announced that they will be bringing Startasys's uPrint 3D Printer in store and become a 3D printing service for small business. more

1 Aug 2013 10:23 PERSONALIZE

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