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A knight to remember: An anecdotal teaching of the importance of understanding your 3D printing timescales from Jeremy Pullin

Jeremy Pullin, Head of AM and Design to Manufacture at Sartorius and TCT Expert Advisory Board Member recounts a cautionary tale of powder handling and knights of the realm. Read more

8 May 2020 09:00 Guest Column

Stainless steel complex test shape, before and after.

Adrian Maguire

Surface finishing metal additive manufactured parts: Time to tackle time

Fintek's Richard Ainsworth discusses a UK Government sponsored research project. Read more

7 May 2020 10:00 Guest Column

A fly in the ointment: Graham Tromans tells a cautionary 3D printing tale

Industry veteran Graham Tromans recalls one of his first 3D printing learning curves in this guest column. Read more

20 Mar 2020 09:08 Guest Column

Standards for additive manufacturing: the latest developments by ASTM International's Dr Mohsen Seifi

ASTM International Director of AM programmes Dr Mohsen Seifi talks through the latest developments in AM standards. Read more

4 Mar 2020 10:00 Guest Column

The 2020 vision for 3D printing and digital manufacturing

From automation to electric vehicles, George Brasher, HP’s UK & Ireland MD pens his predictions for how the digital manufacturing sector will transform in the 2020s. Read more

15 Jan 2020 09:14 Guest Column

Ceramic 3D printing: A step beyond in dental products

M.Sc. Isabel Potestio, Business Developer at Lithoz GmbH discusses the benefits of ceramics in digital dentistry. Read more

30 Dec 2019 10:00 Guest Column

Jason Teng.jpg

Richard Townshend

Grey matters in 3D printing IP protection

Jason Teng, partner and patent attorney at European IP law firm, Potter Clarkson discusses the grey areas around IP rights, infringement and enforceability in 3D printing. Read more

29 Dec 2019 14:00 Guest Column

Pushing for performance in polymer powders

Freeman Technology's Jamie Clayton and the University of Exeter's Prof Oana Ghita discuss the importance of precisely quantifying flowability in materials development. Read more

6 Nov 2019 09:43 , Guest Column

Sensor City Ultimaker

Christian Smith

Could 3D printing keep the UK at the forefront of innovation during economic uncertainty?

Dan Watson, Head of Engineering at Sensor City, discusses the need to balance risk with creativity to keep momentum on innovation – and how 3D printing is the way to do it. Read more

27 Sep 2019 10:00 Guest Column

BMW jigs and fixtures

Ryan Lodermeier

Top reasons to use 3D printing for jigs and fixtures

Jesse Marin, Design Services Manager, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing on how to maximise 3D printing for some of the lowest hanging fruit. Read more

Guest Column

Medtech and 3D Printing: Challenges and opportunities

Thomas Prock, German and European Patent Attorney at Marks & Clerk discusses the challenges around IP in the medtech space. Read more

4 Jan 2019 10:00 Guest Column

Additively manufacturing fluoropolymers

Carlo Campanelli, PhD Researcher, Additive Manufacturing CDT, Faculty of Engineering at University of Nottingham on the potential for fluoropolymers in AM. Read more

22 Nov 2018 09:47 Guest Column

Sidestepping the pitfalls: ensuring safe and secure additive manufacturing

Dr Lee-Bath Nelson, Co-Founder and VP Business at LEO Lane, discusses the risks in transitioning to additive manufacturing and how companies can overcome them. Read more

5 Nov 2018 10:36 Guest Column

'Bind-and-sinter' additive manufacturing offers flexibility and productivity

David Brackett, Technology Manager for AM Technology at The Manufacturing Technology Centre discusses 'bind-and-sinter' AM technologies. Read more

10 Sep 2018 14:33 Guest Column

Digital Metal: Using 3D printing to cast metal parts in architecture

Mania Aghaei Meibodi, Senior Researcher, Digital Building Technologies at ETH Zurich on combining the geometric freedom of 3D printing and the flexibility of casting. Read more

28 Aug 2018 13:45 Guest Column


Ella Marushenko Studio

Pushing additive manufacturing to the molecular limit

New research proves advanced materials containing molecules that switch states in response to environmental stimuli can be made with 3D printing. Victor Sans explains. Read more

10 Aug 2018 11:43 Guest Column

EU strong on additive manufacturing but the work is only just beginning

Filip Geerts, Director General of CECIMO gives his takeaways on CECIMO's Additive Manufacturing Conference. Read more

3 Aug 2018 14:58 Guest Column

Bio-compatible refractory metal alloys for patient-specific orthopaedic and dental implants

Guest column from Dr Habil. Markus Weinmannn, Senior Scientist Technology Scout, New Business Development, H.C. Starck, Tantalum and Niobium. Read more

15 May 2018 11:00 Guest Column

The 3 biggest questions for additive manufacturing in 2018

Gordon Styles, founder and president of Star Rapid, discusses the three biggest questions facing additive manufacturing this year. Read more

22 Jan 2018 11:34 Guest Column 2 Comments


Mark Lee/ 3D Printing in East Asia

A look back at the tct@MATOF 2017 Conference

Mark Lee, of 3D Printing in East Asia, reflects on the 2017 tct@MATOF Conference, which spanned two days and featured a host of keynote presentations delivered by industry professionals and researchers. Read more

22 Jan 2018 10:08 Guest Column