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Can better storage and pre-treatment enhance additive manufacturing metal powder performance?

Freeman Technology Operations Director Jamie Clayton discusses the storage and treatment of metal additive manufacturing powders. Read more

30 Oct 2020 09:00 Guest Column

Promoting the sustainability benefits of additive manufacturing through research

Additive manufacturing's first sustainability focused trade association (AMGTA) on their plans to enhance AM’s environmental impact. Read more

20 Oct 2020 09:34 Guest Column

Is there a better way to specify powders for additive manufacturing?

Freeman Technology Operations Director Jamie Clayton discusses whether there is sufficient understanding of powder properties, printing efficiency and product quality to better specify 3D printing powders. Read more

30 Sep 2020 15:58 Guest Column

Additive manufacturing research within the High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The AMRC’s James Hunt on leveraging the UK’s AM research facilities to allow companies to de-risk their journey towards AM adoption. Read more

25 Sep 2020 10:00 Guest Column

Teamwork makes the 3D Printing dream work

TCT Expert Advisory Board member, RMIT University Additive Manufacturing (AM) Fellow and Managing Director of Additive Economics Alex Kingsbury on building an AM innovation centre. Read more

25 Sep 2020 09:00 Guest Column

Women in 3D Printing's Nora Touré on preparing for the unexpected in AM

Nora Touré, Director, Sales and Service Factory Operations at Fast Radius and Founder of Women in 3D Printing, on reaching - quite literally - new heights in her additive manufacturing career. Read more

4 Sep 2020 11:08 Guest Column

When it comes to 3D printing, how much sustainability is enough?

Nexa3D CEO Avi Reichental discusses how 3D printing addresses the three rules - reduce, reuse, recycle - of sustainability. Read more

17 Aug 2020 10:00 Guest Column

Is additive manufacturing the missing link in your supply chain?

MakerBot's VP Engineering Dave Veisz examines what learnings we can take from recent events to help build more resilient supply chains in the future. Read more

11 Aug 2020 09:30 Guest Column

ULT Solukon


Dry process air in additive manufacturing - a decisive factor for powder quality and production process

ULT AG graduate engineer Florian Matthieu discusses the importance of controlling air quality in the additive manufacture of metal parts. Read more

31 Jul 2020 10:00 Guest Column

Korber Logistics power cable protector

Körber Logistics

Going Additive: embracing 3D printing and positively impacting an industrial company

Filipe Coutinho, Additive Manufacturing Technology Coordinator at Körber Supply Chain, details the 'challenge of Going Additive' and the considerations required for adopting AM in industrial companies. Read more

3 Jul 2020 09:00 Guest Column

3D printing in space: What I learned from my astronaut mission - by Sabrina Kerber

Sabrina Kerber reports back from a two-week simulation in which she investigated how 3D printing could be used to improve life on a moonbase. Read more

19 Jun 2020 10:00 Guest Column

"Let them make it" - BCN3D CTO on 3D printing after COVID-19

Eric Pallarés, Chief Technology Officer at BCN3D discusses the adoption of 3D printing during and after COVID-19. Read more

17 Jun 2020 15:03 Guest Column

Weight loss analysis is most commonly used method to measure debinding success.

September -

Switching to a new debinding fluid: How to measure success

Venesia Hurtubise at Microcare on measuring success when changing to next-generation debinding fluids. Read more

12 Jun 2020 10:00 Guest Column

A Simple Equation: Secure and certified additive manufacturing equals increased production

Lee-Bath Nelson, Co-Founder and VP Business at LEO Lane looks at how software can help deliver repeatable, secure and trackable production while also ensuring compliance with fundamental certification requirements. Read more

8 Jun 2020 12:28 Guest Column

A knight to remember: An anecdotal teaching of the importance of understanding your 3D printing timescales from Jeremy Pullin

Jeremy Pullin, Head of AM and Design to Manufacture at Sartorius and TCT Expert Advisory Board Member recounts a cautionary tale of powder handling and knights of the realm. Read more

8 May 2020 09:00 Guest Column

Stainless steel complex test shape, before and after.

Adrian Maguire

Surface finishing metal additive manufactured parts: Time to tackle time

Fintek's Richard Ainsworth discusses a UK Government sponsored research project. Read more

7 May 2020 10:00 Guest Column

A fly in the ointment: Graham Tromans tells a cautionary 3D printing tale

Industry veteran Graham Tromans recalls one of his first 3D printing learning curves in this guest column. Read more

20 Mar 2020 09:08 Guest Column

Standards for additive manufacturing: the latest developments by ASTM International's Dr Mohsen Seifi

ASTM International Director of AM programmes Dr Mohsen Seifi talks through the latest developments in AM standards. Read more

4 Mar 2020 10:00 Guest Column

The 2020 vision for 3D printing and digital manufacturing

From automation to electric vehicles, George Brasher, HP’s UK & Ireland MD pens his predictions for how the digital manufacturing sector will transform in the 2020s. Read more

15 Jan 2020 09:14 Guest Column

Ceramic 3D printing: A step beyond in dental products

M.Sc. Isabel Potestio, Business Developer at Lithoz GmbH discusses the benefits of ceramics in digital dentistry. Read more

30 Dec 2019 10:00 Guest Column