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Standardisation for Additive Manufacturing: offering guidance, explanation and reliability

Jörg Lenz is the Collaborative Projects Coordinator at EOS GmbH and AM is his life passion for almost 23 years now. Jörg is an expert on standardisation and in this column he explores the many issues it is facing in the 3D printing industry today. Read more

2 Nov 2015 10:00 Guest Column

Kate Black: A Foundation For The Future Of AM

TCT guest columnist Dr. Kate Black on the importance of getting the main planks in place to make the most of additive manufacturing. Read more

15 Sep 2015 16:32 Guest Column

Certifying 3D Prints

Deepak Mehta and his son Ritik were faced with a problem when they tried to 3D print some eyewear designed by Ritik. The problem was the CE Mark and how they go about certifying their product. Read more

5 Aug 2015 13:00 Guest Column 1 Comments

Blog: Huge potential for 3D printing in schools around the world

In this blog post Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer, explains how 3D printers are becoming the perfect classroom companion. Read more

17 Jul 2015 15:41 Guest Column 2 Comments

The Rise of Local Digital Manufacturing

Christopher Barnatt, futurist, keynote speaker and the author of 3D Printing: Second Edition is our featured guest columnist in the June issue of TCT. Read more

24 Jun 2015 16:55 Guest Column

What happened when Jabil tried 3D Printing a handset cover at its antenna on the same machine?

Girish Wable, a technology expert from the world's third largest contract manufacturer, Jabil has written a blog exclusively for TCT on the company's attempts to additively manufacture a smartphone and its antennae. Read more

18 Jun 2015 17:10 Guest Column

AMUG Conference to Feature 200+ Presentations

AMUG conference agenda reveals that the event will provide over 200 presentations in the span of four days. Read more

4 Mar 2015 15:26 Guest Column

SLA vs SLS: Which to Use for a Functional Prototype?

Comparing processes for prototyping isn't easy — Tim Plunkett starts to get to grips with two of the top contenders, stereolithography and selective laser sintering. Read more

Guest Column 1 Comments

World 3D Printing Technology Industry Exhibition debuts in Qingdao

Graham Tromans reports on World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Exhibition in Qingdao. Read more

31 Jul 2014 16:20 Guest Column

3D Systems partner with Coke for latest 3D Printer

With help from their CCO, 3D Systems have teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce a printer, which uses recycled PET bottles as material. Read more

16 Jun 2014 17:08 Guest Column

Chenderit School - Upgrading

Design & Technology teacher at Chenderit School Anna Marriot has now been using a 3D Printer on the course for six months. Time for an upgrade. Read more

11 Apr 2014 11:25 Guest Column

The Chenderit School Blog 3

The UK Government has announced a significant investment into 3D printing at Antsy Park, Coventry. Chenderit school is less than 40 miles away and is preparing its children for the future. Read more

20 Jan 2014 17:19 Guest Column


Chenderit School

Chenderit School's first 3D Print

3D Systems donated a Cube to the school at this year's TCT Show, after a couple of months of red tape they finally made their first 3D print. Read more

22 Nov 2013 16:13 Guest Column

Kids at the Chederit School love 3D printing

Anna Marriot

3D Printing, an education

There are plans afoot to put a 3D printer into every school but as Government's drag their heels in giving children a head start in this technology, one Design & Technology teacher is racing ahead. Read more

14 Nov 2013 16:57 , Guest Column

Review: Creatr by Leapfrog Part II

Deepak Mehta (Aka @deeeep) reviewed the Creatr 3D printer by Leapfrog for us not long after he purchased it. Here he tells us how it is performing a year down the line. Read more

11 Apr 2013 14:42 Guest Column

Come and help us take on the world!

We have three vacancies to work in one of the hottest industries around — 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing is the hottest technology on the block. Come and help us spread the word. Read more

28 Nov 2012 10:42 Guest Column

Come and get Personal at TCTLive Next Week

So we are just a week out from TCTLive 2012, which this year will feature the Personalize Pavilion — right now I am a paradoxical bundle of excitement, stress, gleeful anticipation and dread. (Straight-jacket, anyone?) Read more

18 Sep 2012 11:58 Guest Column

3D Printing in the Home: Who do you agree with?

The five people that were voted the most influential in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector have been interviewed by Jim Woodcock and it has identified a real divide on the: ‘Will everyone have a 3D printer?’ question! Read more

12 Sep 2012 14:14 Guest Column

Bit Cross, Cornelissen

Image supplied courtesy of Michiel Cornelissen

The 3D Printing Intersection Between Creativity and Business Opportunities

In a previous post I highlighted retail outlets for 3D printed products & talented designers presenting innovative designs to consumers. For me, this is a fascinating area — a clear intersection between the creative community & industry. Read more

23 Aug 2012 16:22 Guest Column

We all have a responsibility to do 'good' with 3D Printing, says 3D Systems' CEO, Abe Reichental

Abe Reichental has been CEO at 3D Systems since 2003 — in which time the technology he loves has done good things (enhanced lives, made better products). Here Abe calls on the industry to keep it that way. Read more

21 Aug 2012 11:39 Guest Column 4 Comments