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Formnext powered by tct — a glimpse into the future

Jim Woodcock reflects on a successful first edition of formnext powered by tct and shines a light on the elephant in the room... Read more

24 Nov 2015 12:08 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Death of the 3D printing journalist?

Stop talking about the technology and start talking about the output, or we're going to ruin a potentially wonderful thing. Read more

13 Nov 2014 16:49 Jim Woodcock's Blog

10 Reasons to Attend TCT Show + Personalize 2014

Still not decided whether you can afford to leave the office / workshop / hanger / shed / sofa for a day to visit TCT Show? Let me give you 10 good reasons to make the trip. Read more

24 Sep 2014 01:28 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Inside 3D Printing New York: Day 1

A busy first day at the Flagship NYC event with a first look at the botObjects machine, interest from Xerox and more. Read more

3 Apr 2014 23:22 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Inside 3D Printing New York 2014: The Conference

Inside 3D Printing New York boasts an enviably complete and cohesive lineup of speakers, covering every facet of the 3D printing industry. Read more

28 Mar 2014 15:30 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Inside 3D Printing New York 2014

There's still a week to re-schedule your boring status update meetings, and organise flights, trains, and book a cab to the Javitz Center. So there's no excuse to miss out on Inside 3D Printing New York next week. Read more

26 Mar 2014 21:51 Jim Woodcock's Blog


From the Euromold Show Floor

Euromold roundup — bigger, bolder, busier

What was new at EuroMold this year? Too much, but here's a roundup of the most important developments. Read more

10 Dec 2013 11:23 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Biocompatible Polymer Survey

The independent research organisation DJS is working on behalf of TCT's sister magazine MPN to perform a poll of the medical plastic processing community — if you or a colleague is involved in biocompatible polymers, please read on... Read more

22 Jul 2013 11:11 Jim Woodcock's Blog

MakerBot Acquired by.... Stratasys?!

Having spoken with Stratasys and MakerBot management in depth for the last issue, this announcement still caught me off balance. 3D printing acquisition number 28,926 open for discussion... Read more

19 Jun 2013 23:15 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Travelin' tales

For the last 10 days or so I have been on a transatlantic odyssey covering Florida, New York, Pittsburgh and New York (again) — all in the name of AM and 3D printing. Full details of the epic will be available in the next issue, but here's a precis. Read more

24 Apr 2013 16:12 , Jim Woodcock's Blog

Where do the 3D printers play?

Anyone that needs proof that AM and 3D printing is more than just hype should start opening some more doors.... Read more

1 Mar 2013 10:27 Jim Woodcock's Blog 2 Comments

Week 1 with the Cube

Since 3D Systems launched the Cube 3D printer and its Cubify content platform, we wanted to know what it was like, why they had done it and if it was going to work... 3D Systems lent us a Cube for a few weeks so we could find out for ourselves. Read more

4 Dec 2012 14:34 Jim Woodcock's Blog 2 Comments

New look 3D Systems machines

Jim Woodcock / TCT

Euromold 2012 Review

Euromold is one of the most important events in the AM and 3D Printing industry... let's take a look at what went on this year. Read more

4 Dec 2012 13:38 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Bear Raids — Just one of the challenges for the industry's biggest players

As the industry grows, so do the largest companies within it. Being bigger is usually better, but it brings with it a unique set of challenges that smaller players seldom have to contend with. Bring in the bears... Read more

20 Nov 2012 12:15 Jim Woodcock's Blog

3D printing, government and policy — is there an answer?

The Big Innovation Centre, an initiative of The Work Foundation and Lancaster University has released a report entitled ‘Three Dimensional Policy: Why Britain needs a policy framework for 3D printing’. Read more

17 Oct 2012 15:43 Jim Woodcock's Blog 2 Comments

Riding the wave

EpicStockMedia /

3D Printer Overhype — the very real impacts

As we ride the crest of the 3D printing hype wave, spare a thought for those who have already ridden this ride, and are now precariously in the shadow of one almighty splash. Read more

3 Oct 2012 13:42 Jim Woodcock's Blog 5 Comments

From the show floor… almost.

Equipped with the right shoes, a diary full of commitments and my best mauling gloves, I took the show floor of TCT Live for what felt like all of twenty minutes... Read more

3 Oct 2012 12:07 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Jim’s Guide to Doing a Tradeshow

In which we relay some observations from time on the show floor. Read more

23 Sep 2012 22:36 Jim Woodcock's Blog

Jim’s Guide to Doing a Tradeshow (for the super busy)

Five pointers for how to 'do' a tradeshow — Like TCT Live, 25th/26th September, for example. Read more

23 Sep 2012 22:11 Jim Woodcock's Blog

What a couple of weeks that was!

Jim Woodcock reflects on a couple of weeks of intense travelling, with highlights from the Materialise World Conference and the AMUG conference in wet and windy SoCal... Read more

10 May 2012 15:12 Jim Woodcock's Blog