Digital Edition

Simply click the relevant button below on your iOS or Android device to be taken to TCT Magazine's home on the App Store or Google play.


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Where do I find the app?
Search "TCT + Personalize" in the App Store or on Google Play

Do I have to pay?
No. Downloading the app is free, as as all new issues AND a back catalogue back to April 2012.

How do I download an issue?
You can click to download each issue individually but we recommend you set up a free subscription to ensure you are made aware of all new content as soon as we publish. We will never sell your data on to third parties.

How long should downloading it take?
We suggest downloading each issue using a WIFI broadband connection for ease and speed.  Downloading this way should take a few minutes only.

How do I navigate through the content?
The navigation should be intuitive, you can swipe up and down a page or left and right to turn to the next or previous page. There is also a navigation bar which allows you to jump to favourite sections.  Tap the top of the screen and the nav bar will appear. Tap the section you want to jump to or tap back to go back to the page you were just on.Tap anywhere in the screen to view the full page.   

Is this available for my Android device?
Yes! Both iOS and Android platforms are now catered for with the same great free-of-charge content.

This hasn't helped me, what do I do now...
Please email us at explaining what the problem is and we'll try our best to help.

Alternatively, please call +44 (0) 1244 680222

We would really appreciate your thoughts...