3D modelling

SelfCAD, a 3D modelling slicing software developer, has announced its flagship product is free for all students and educators for up to three years. more

30 Oct 2017 16:40 Software

A render of the University of Huddersfield campus


3M Buckley Innovation Centre set about recreating the entire University of Huddersfield campus in 3D. more

20 Apr 2017 10:14 Imaging

Mayo Clinic Andy Sandness

Mayo Clinic/ YouTube

Surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have performed a complete facial reconstruction of a 32-year-old male, thanks in part to 3D printing. Andy Sandness lived with severe facial injuries for ten years after an unsuccessful suicide attempt. more

23 Feb 2017 15:00 News


Freelabster/ Twitter

French online 3D printing platform, Freelabster, has announced it will soon be opening its services to the UK market. Freelabster aims to make 3D printing a more accessible and affordable option to the general public. more

22 Feb 2017 15:26 News

UMass Amherst Design Building

UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s leadership in training and research in 3D building design, digital fabrication and the sustainable built environment, will expand thanks to an in-kind gift from Trimble. more

26 Jan 2017 16:06 News

Delcam to exhibit latest releases in range of manufacturing software at Advanced Engineering exhibition. more

29 Oct 2015 14:45 Software



Materialise has launched a new 3D modelling service which helps designers turn their sketches into 3D printable files and allows 3D designers to earn money for their work. more

18 Jun 2015 14:17 PERSONALIZE

TCT gets a first hand look at the latest version of solidThinking's Evolve modelling software with program manager Darren Chilton. more

17 Apr 2015 13:02 Software

Student Tomasz Dabert combines classical and modern elements to create 3D printed armour for an opera at the Royal Theatre of Madrid. more

31 Mar 2015 14:35 PERSONALIZE

TCT heads to Coventry for DEVELOP3D Live 2015. Laura Griffiths reports live from the conference at the Warwick Arts Centre. more

26 Mar 2015 06:11 Laura Griffiths' Blog

Game developer Nils Anderson caught the attention of the National Art Museum of Art in Norway with a combined interest in recreating historical artefacts and 3D printing. more

13 Feb 2015 14:47 News

Model-making company commissioned to produce replicas of two Royal Navy remote controlled boats used to detect and detonate underwater mines. more

4 Feb 2015 14:02 News

Model-making firm highlights 60 years in the business with a portfolio that includes Hollywood blockbusters, iconic models and ... the Popemobile. more

3 Feb 2015 11:54 News

3D Systems to feature in exhibits and lectures demonstrating benefits of 3D modelling and 3D printing in the healthcare sector. more

16 Jan 2015 12:27 News

Upgrades simplify the process for engineers with improved ability to manipulate product geometries. more

21 Nov 2014 14:06 Software

Dassault Systèmes introduces SOLIDWORKS 2015 with focus on cloud based features and user experience. more

15 Oct 2014 11:53 Software

Voxelizer open source software gets major updates to accelerate low cost medical 3D printing. more

14 Oct 2014 15:38 Software

Photoshop CC gets major improvements in 3D modelling and printing including enhanced file support and print options. more

14 Oct 2014 12:20 Software

LMI Technologies announces release of its smallest 3D scanner in the HDI 100 series. more

22 Sep 2014 09:41 News

Microsoft releases the R5 version of its 3D Builder app with new features and printing options from 3D Systems. more

17 Sep 2014 09:44 Software