3D Scannning

RangeVision, a developer of structured-light 3D scanners, is to present its latest 3D scanning solutions at TCT Show from Stand B37. more

20 Sep 2017 14:40 TCT Show

4Visualization has harnessed Artec 3D’s scanning and Ultimaker’s 3D printing technology to fill in the gaps of the third most complete Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton ever found. more

12 Sep 2017 09:29 Imaging

Creaform has announced its partnership with a Otto Bock Healthcare GmbH. more

5 Sep 2017 10:27 Imaging

Shining 3D's AutoScan-DS-EX

Shining 3D

Shining 3D, a Chinese developer and supplier of 3D technologies, is set to launch a new 3D scanner tailored for use in the dental market on September 1st. more

31 Jul 2017 14:35 Imaging

Polyga Inc. will manage all future developments of LMI Technologies’ HDI Advance series of 3D scanners. more

31 Jul 2017 10:21 Imaging

EyeCue Vision Technologies, an Israeli technology company best known for developing interactive toys and games, has launched its first mobile application which allows users to 3D scan, and then 3D print, real life objects. more

10 Jul 2017 13:43 Imaging



SCANLAB GmbH, a German Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of high quality scanning systems, has unveiled a new 3D scanner tailor made for industrial use. more

29 Jun 2017 15:35 Imaging

EOS and 3YOURMIND have partnered to develop AM Part Identifier (AMPI), which helps businesses to decide how they can best implement additive manufacturing technology. more

27 Apr 2017 15:15 Software

Global distributor of 3D technology, PrintLab has signed a strategic partnership with Shining3D to distribute the Chinese company’s award-winning EinScan range of 3D scanners. PrintLab will distribute the scanners to 20+ countries around the world. more

16 Feb 2017 16:46 News

Surgeons at Miami Children’s Hospital saved a young girl’s life using a 3D-printed heart model which helped to visualise a complex operation. Adaenelie, aged four, suffered from total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, a congenital heart disease. more

4 Nov 2016 12:30 News

EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner turns 3D scans to 3D printable models in under three minutes - now available to pre-order. more

5 Mar 2015 12:11 Imaging

Tri-Tech 3D partners with Central Scanning and Steinbichler UK to take 3D printing and scanning technology to the road in the UK. more

24 Feb 2015 15:35 News

Shining 3D launches EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner on Kickstarter in a bid to bring affordable, industrial standard 3D scanning to the consumer market. more

30 Jan 2015 09:41 Imaging

Leading 3D imaging brand launches handheld, freestyle 3D scanner to meet increasing demand for portable scanning technology. more

21 Jan 2015 17:14 Imaging

Forget the selfie stick - get a 3D scan selfie with Fuel3D's high-resolution scanner. more

10 Jan 2015 00:04 TCT Events

3D scanner in use

Nikon / Spring srl

7-axis CNC articulated measuring arm and a digital laser scanning head from Nikon Metrology helps Italian rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing bureau reverse engineer components. more

17 Dec 2014 16:10 Imaging

Kickstarter success story Fuel3D adds publishing option to 3D scanning software. more

11 Dec 2014 14:21 Imaging

With 20 days to go, the Flux All-in-One surpasses Kickstarter goal to offer 3D printing, scanning and engraving in one machine. more

1 Dec 2014 14:51 PERSONALIZE

Full 3D body scan service now available throughout the UK. more

11 Nov 2014 11:52 News

Artec and Threeding propose first large scale project for the 3D scanning of cultural heritage for commercial purposes. more

28 Oct 2014 16:05 News