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Renishaw has announced the launch of its Fabrication Development Centre and Bloodhound SSC education partnership as it steps up its drive to shorten the skills gap. Read more


Assistant Editor, Laura Griffiths, visits Bloodhound SSC to hear about the findings from the LIGHT project consortium and tour the Bloodhound car. Read more

Laura Griffiths' Blog

Members of the LIGHT consortium to share findings from two-year project on design of parts for metal additive manufacturing at the Bloodhound SSC Technical Centre. Read more


The precision quality and roughing capabilities of Delcam's PowerMILL software are proving vital to the production of several key components for the BLOODHOUND SSC. Read more


The first quarterly meeting for the LIGHT project has taken place, with Delcam presiding over the Technology Strategy Board-funded scheme. Read more


A paper on the potentially record-breaking BLOODHOUND supersonic car has been published, addressing the challenges the machine's team has had to overcome using advanced manufacturing technologies. Read more


Additive manufacturing pioneer Renishaw is showcasing its advanced manufacturing technologies at EuroMold. Read more

Euromold News

Carbon LS Engine Bracket

Andreas Anneda

Graphite Additive Manufacturing, a supplier of 3D printed parts produced in high performance materials for the the most demanding applications in motorsport, has been named as the latest Product Sponsor for the BLOODHOUND Project. Read more


Renishaw is contributing its additive manufacturing expertise to the BLOODHOUND in its next attempt to beat the 1,000 mph land speed record. Read more


The latest instalment of Dan Johns' column for Bloodhound SSC gets underground with the test firing of a very big rocket... Read more

From the Olympics, to the Paralympics and from Hellmand to Dakar, Dan Johns takes a look at how AM and 3D printing are impacting on lives positively, and a look forward to further developments. Read more

When I knew I was to become a parent for the first time I admittedly got rather excited when I found out that it was a boy. Like so many of us blokes my immediate thoughts were about all the practical toys I could ‘legitimately’ buy. Read more

You may feel that the title of this column is a little misleading — surely every design you produce should be perfect? Not so says Dan Johns, a Senior Engineer on the Bloodhound Project… Read more

For as long as humans have been able to move they have wanted to move more quickly. In the beginning, it was for survival. Then it was for growth and development. And now? Read more

As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, Britain’s role in the development of modern engineering cannot be underestimated. It is a shame therefore that the inspiring engineering past and present seems lost to a majority of the population. Read more