Bradley Naylor

Ascribe service allows creators to gain ownership of their digital intellectual property whilst providing a platform for showcasing their work. more

3 Jul 2015 13:48 News

The project aims to revolutionise the future of fibre-optics, bringing benefits to a variety of technological and industrial sectors with 3D printing techniques. more

2 Jul 2015 16:50 News

3D printing innovators 3D Systems, Materialise, Siemens PLM Software and Stratasys join the 3MF Consortium. more

2 Jul 2015 11:14 Software

3D printing big-shots team up with new investors to develop new features and materials for the future. more

1 Jul 2015 16:19 News

The super-elastic, microorganism-, UV- and abrasion-resistant material is well-equipped for a variety of roles, including cable-sheathing, medical appliances and vehicle interiors, all whilst remaining inexpensive and easy-to-process. more

1 Jul 2015 11:18 News

INDMATEC's new development is able to efficiently process PEEK filaments amongst other high-performance polymers, all whilst maintaining a low price-tag intended to target small and medium businesses. more

30 Jun 2015 16:25 News