Rice Uni Bone Cancer

Mikos Research Group/ Rice University

Scientists from Rice University in Texas have used 3D printing technology to create enhanced support structures that mimic the biological environment of bone cancer tumours. 3D printing has enabled them to get closer to mimicking real bone. Read more


Plus ID Brazil 3D printed face prosthesis

Plus ID/ Caters News

A cancer survivor in Brazil has become the first person to receive a 3D-printed face prosthesis made with a smartphone after his right eye socket was removed. The cancer destroyed facial tissue, half the roof of his mouth and damaged his throat. Read more


By printing models of tumours and organs researchers have discovered a more effective way of analysing radiation treatment. Read more


3D printing technology has been used to mimic the development of a cancerous tumour, producing results that are more accurate than previous studies. Read more


Gray's Anatomy Male Pelvis

Gray's Anatomy

A surgeon has 3D printed the pelvis of a cancer patient, who had half of his own pelvis removed to prevent the spread of bone cancer. Read more