3D Printers: Desktop Market Still Growing but Metal Printers Prop Up Struggling Industrial Segment in 1H 2016

Chris Connery leads the 3D printing effort for CONTEXT and in this blog, video and podcast he presents his latest 3D printing market research. more

6 Dec 2016 16:30 Guest Column 1 Comments

After weeks of rumours and a year or so of financial difficulty the Danish desktop 3D printer manufacturer confirms that it has finally filed for bankruptcy. more


The manufacturer of LulzBot brand of 3D printers is 122nd overall in Inc.'s prestigious Inc. 500 list of fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. more


In his regular column 3D printing industry stalwart Todd Grimm discusses how businesses should look to justify a move to an additive manufacturing process. more

The Todd Grimm Column

Huge revenue growth and an expanding customer base with useful application are on show at the MarkForged booth here at CES. more


During a trip to New York Dan managed to grab some time with the new MakerBot CEO, Jonathan Jaglom 24 hours before the company announced it was cutting several jobs. more

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Optomec LENS component repair

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Optomec enters 2015 with six months worth of orders for industrial 3D printing systems and reports profits for the second half of 2014. more


While one Brooklyn-based 3D printing firm are grabbing all the headlines by being acquired, another is quietly going about their business and making a heck of a lot of money in the meantime. more


The Irish firm have released some incredible financial results, showing unprecedented growth for the paper-based 3D printers. more


The 3D printing industry giants have just announced another merger on the back of their incredible quarterly report showing an increased revenue of 31%. more


Massive Dynamics

Massive Dynamics Inc

Our editorial team's attempts to learn more about Massive Dynamics led reporters Rose Brooke and Daniel O'Connor on a wild goose chase. more