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Richard Townshend

Grey matters in 3D printing IP protection

Jason Teng, partner and patent attorney at European IP law firm, Potter Clarkson discusses the grey areas around IP rights, infringement and enforceability in 3D printing. Read more

29 Dec 2019 14:00 Guest Column

Tethon 3D binder jet drawing

Tethon 3D

Tethon 3D has been granted a patent for a binder jet additive manufacturing method and is stepping up its pursuit of a partner to commercialise the technology. Read more


CECIMO, the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries, has said the European Parliament risks stifling 3D printing innovation by introducing premature regulatory measures to protect Intellectual Property. Read more


Create It Real, a Danish 3D printing company, has established a pilot project with the Green Ship of the Future consortium to explore printing on board ships and address Intellectual Property rights. Read more


Last week, for the third consecutive year, CECIMO organised and presented the ‘Additive Manufacturing European Conference’ (AMEC) in the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, where they delivered a strategic report on the use of AM in Europe. Read more


Create it REAL is launching what it believes to be a viable solution to the additive manufacturing industry’s widespread copyright issue. Read more


Thomas Prock, European Patent Attorney and Partner at Marks & Clerk, discusses how companies should navigate the tricky waters of intellectual property in this world of open sharing and 3D printing. Read more

Guest Blogs

Ascribe service allows creators to gain ownership of their digital intellectual property whilst providing a platform for showcasing their work. Read more


3D printing titan Stratasys has successfully defended the validity of its patents for FDM 3D printing in a request made by Afinia. Read more


World's only 3D printing operating systems partners with Pinshape 3D printing marketplace to streamline click-to-print 3D printing and relieve IP issues. Read more


Chris Elsworthy, CEO of CEL and creator of the Robox 3D printer gives his thoughts on how 3D printing is giving popular memes and internet sensations a new lease of life. Read more


The Shapeways CEO's talk at CES 2015 highlighted how they're driving entrepreneurship through their shops and how they are tackling tricky IP issues by joining forces with the likes of Hasbro. Read more


One of the key 3d printing legal battles of the last few years has finally been settled, amicably it would appear. What will be the downstream effects? Read more

Duncan Wood's Blog

As more businesses invest in their own 3D printing machines, we ask some of the biggest service bureaus - is it time for a plan? Read more


An IP summit has committed to cracking down on IP crime, with the Department for Business, Industry and Skills identifying 3D printing as an emerging technology to watch. Read more


Final Fantasy figurines


One of the biggest issues surrounding 3D printing at the moment is copyright theft, Fabulonia think they have a way of stopping that. Read more


Houses of Parliament

WikiWitch at en.wikipedia, from Wikimedia Commons

The Government has launched a consultation for setting up a 'superfast' patent process, which could enable patents to be granted in 90 days. Read more


Optomec Jet Aerosol Solar lab System


Optomec's IP portfolio for additive manufacturing increased by six patents last year to 35 in total. Read more


Nano-scale car

Curventa and Siemens

The government has awarded 12 institutions with a total of £750,000 to help make their innovative ideas into a reality. Read more


EFF are using crowdsourcing website to question some 3D printing patents they believe will stifle innovation in the technology. Read more