Nikon Metrology

Ortho Baltic has leveraged the metrology scanning solutions of Nikon Metrology to produce patient-specific hip implants. more

7 Aug 2017 16:21 Imaging

Ortho Baltic has leveraged Nikon Metrology inspection equipment to advance the production of jaw implants. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is one of the most used joints in the human body, allowing humans to talk and chew. more

25 Apr 2017 17:00 News

Nikon Metrology introduces new non-contact 3D measuring system for inspection of gears, turbine blades and other complex parts. more

14 Jun 2016 16:24 Imaging

Nikon Metrology to host event this month with live demonstrations of CMM-Manager software. more

8 Dec 2015 15:04 Imaging

Nikon Metrology unveils its latest laser scanning device, the Nikon InSight L100 with its most advanced combination of speed, accuracy and accessibility to date. more

7 May 2015 17:05 Imaging

3D scanner in use

Nikon / Spring srl

7-axis CNC articulated measuring arm and a digital laser scanning head from Nikon Metrology helps Italian rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing bureau reverse engineer components. more

17 Dec 2014 16:10 Imaging

Nikon Metrology has launched new video measuring systems, the NEXIV VMZ-R3020 and VMZ-R6555, which join the VMZ-R4540 released in February 2013. more

27 Nov 2013 12:00 Imaging


By Marco Antonio Aguilar Lizarraga, via Wikimedia Commons

The medical and dental sectors are real growth fields for 3D printing innovation, which is why TCT Show + Personalize is proud to host such a range of companies working within these industries. more

15 Aug 2013 17:02 News

Laser scanning has opened up a lot of new business opportunities for PMS Diecasting in Rotherham. more

4 Jul 2013 16:38 Imaging